iPhone 5S Image Leak Round Up: Everything We Think We Know

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Apple's iPhone 5S has been in quite a hype these days. WWDC must have created a hole in the Apple's inventory as iPhone 5S has been leaking in bits and pieces and even as a whole for quite sometime. In fact, Apple has been in the news since WWDC happened.

The iPhone 5S leak has now become like a crazy teaser, however, tech world gets to know the whole story sooner than later. So far, the tech world has already witnessed more than a dozen of leaked images and some folks must have already speculated the final model as most of the guts in the device have already been speculated. The software front is not leaked so far but if Apple doesn't tighten the lid to the iPhone 5S project, its is likely to appear again with more info.

Early this month GizBot reported about the leaked image showing various parts of the iPhone 5S, soon it was again spotted with a high resolution images that revealed a new FaceTime camera, home button, dual-weight vibration motor, SIM tray, volume rocker of the iPhone 5S and a day ago it again came online revealing its front facing camera and it was also reported earlier with a dual LED flash.

Now, iPhone 5S prototype has again surfaced with more informative aspects like a processor stamped with APL0698, indicating the next generation Apple A7 chip made by TSMC. The latest images also show the WiFi antenna, home button cable, front camera and volume buttons which we have already seen in the previous leak.

The leaked images also include a comparative shot showing the front of the new iPhone and iPhone 5. Because the photo was taken from the side, the iPhone 5S seems to be larger but so far there is no clue whether the device in constant leak is genuine or not. But most of the previously leaked images match the recent ones.

Here is a gallery of iPhone 5S images leaked so far.

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Stay tuned to GizBot for more updates!

Latest iPhone 5S Image Leak

iphone 5S internals

iPhone 5S Chip

iPhone 5S dual flash

iPhone 5S Parts

iPhone 5S comparison

iPhone 5S Comparison 1

iPhone 5S Comparison 2

iPhone 5S more parts

Stay tuned to GizBot for more updates!

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