Top 5 Rumors You Should know About Samsung Galaxy S4 and Apple iPhone 5S

    By Anuj Bhatia

    Both Apple and Samsung are ready to fight till the end. Since last year, the Samsung Galaxy S3, actually, eclipsed Apple‘s iconic iPhone in popularity as well as sales. Samsung is betting high this time with the Galaxy S4. It is to be seen whether the next -version of the Galaxy S4 flies high this time or end up like a looser in front of the upcoming iPhone 5S.

    While, the South Korean giant is set to reveal the Galaxy S4 on March 14 at New York City, there is no information from Apple's end, whether when will iPhone 5S see the light. But one thing is certain, when iPhone 5s and S4 will ghit the shelves, they will be highly desirable on the open market. Hence, lets take a look at top 5 rumors swirling arround the hottest anticipated devices of 2013.

    Rumor No. 1


    Samsung Galax S4 and iPhone 5S - Wireless Charging

    Last year, Nokia made a huge dive into the mobile industry with the Lumia 920. To some extent, the Finish giant succeeded in its ambitions with wireless charging. Now, it is being buzzed again and again that both biggies - Samsung and Apple, are most likely to include wireless charging in their next generation handsets. As reported by Digitimes (via Unwired View), Samsung will definitely include wireless charging technology in the successor to the Samsung Galaxy S3.

    Click Here For More Galaxy S4 Images and iPhone Images

    Top 5 Rumors You Should know About Samsung Galaxy S4, Apple iPhone 5S

    Click Here For More Galaxy S4 Images and iPhone Images

    Samsung is already an esteemed member of Wireless Power Consortium. This very organization sets standard for wireless charging developments. Qi wireless charging tech is the most recognized standard followed globally. It is said that Apple is not a member of Wireless Power Consortium.


    Going by the traditional nature of the Cupertino-based giant, the company prefers its home baked technology rather than depending upon others.

    Rumor No. 2

    Samsung Galax S4 - Enhanced Battery Life

    In another interesting development in regards to the Samsung Galaxy S4, the Korean giant is believed to be move away from standard AMOLED display. Unwired View reports that Samsung will likely adopt PHOLED (a kind of greener technology) to charge up the Galaxy S4. The new technology will enhance battery life on the next gen Galaxy device. It is to be seen, in real, how this technology i.e. PHOLED is better than standard AMOLED displays. It is also being reported that the sequel to the Samsung Galaxy S3 might supports gestures. How about touchless gestures?

    iPhone 5S - Smart Flash and Fingerprint Sensor

    Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities recently predicted that iPhone 5S will house a number of next-generation Apple technologies including a faster A7 SoC, a Smart Flash that uses white or yellow LEDs to produce high-quality photos, an AuthenTec fingerprint sensor. The smartphone will stick to thin aluminum chassis the same as the one found in iPhone 5 and might include a slightly larger battery.

    Rumor No. 3

    Samsung Galaxy S4 - 8 Core Processor

    Last week, Blog of Mobile reports leaked a Benchmark test showing that the S3 succesor will debut boasting Exynos 5 Octa processor with a final tally of 24,894 is about 40 percent faster than the Nexus 4, which is powered by a Snapdragon S4 Pro processor.

    iPhone 5S - A7 Chipset 

    Recent reports also suggested that the seventh generation iPhone will be making use of Apple A7 chipset under its hood. The report also leaked a picture suggesting an Apple A7 chip on a motherboard plate, which was speculated to mark its presence in upcoming iPad 5.

    Further, the report also suggests that the CPU cores and the RAM will be doubled hinting at a 1.2GHz quad core processor and 2GB RAM. Also, it is claimed that the RAM frequency will be upgraded alongside enhancing the graphics performance. The GPU will reportedly be PowerVR SGX554MP4 (quad-core) like in the iPad 4, up from SGX543MP3 (tri-core) in iPhone 5.

    Rumor No. 4

    Samsung Galaxy S4 - Bigger Display

    The successor of the hottest selling handset will debut with even larger screen size, reportedly, 4.99-inch Full-HD 1080×1920 resolution SoLux display. From its display size to processing power, the Samsung Galaxy S4 will arrive with every top notch feature you expect from a high-end device.

    iPhone 5S - Same Screen Size

    Earlier reports indicated that iPhone 5S will hit the shelves flaunting 5 inch larger screen, however latest reports are coming which inform that Apple wont tweak the handset much in terms of design and dislay size, however will concentrate on making it more powerful.

    Rumor No. 5

    Samsung Galaxy S4 - Two Variants Expected

    freshest rumors suggest that Samsung might launch two Galaxy S4 prototypes. Where, the first one might arrive with an LCD display and a Qualcomm chip, while other would feature traditional Exynos and AMOLED combination. At the same time, a CDMA version of the phone is also in talks.

    iPhone 5S Set For July Launch

    Report about iPhone 5S are also out that the handset will hit the shelves at a budget price and will will be launched in summer time around July 2013.


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