Apple iPhone 6: Concept Design Images Surface Online

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For Apple, the design of a product is equally important as its usability. Under the reign of Steve Jobs, the Cupertino-based giant flourished like anything. We saw the coming of hit devices one after the other. Believe it or not, iPhone became an over night star . Now its the most product of Apple's portfolio and  a lot depend upon its sucess.Everyone knows that Apple is coming up with iPhone 5S later in the year.

The leaked information suggests that the upgrade to iPhone 5 would resemble to current generation model. The internal hardware will be more processor, improved RAM and NFC connectivity, among others. As of now, Apple is pretty much happy with the way iPhone is going. Interestingly, every year before the release of a new iPhone model, the concept model also appears. And this has become a trend these days.

That said, consumers love to drool over gossip and today Pritiesh Chavan's concept iPhone 6 will surely make you crazy, if not insane. The first and foremost, would you like to buy a 3-in-one Apple device?. A good look at the concept gives you an idea of what the future looks like.

Apple iPhone 6:  Concept Design Images Surface Online

GizBot infomed you that LG's first Android based Flexible display phone will arrive sometime August next year. So yes, we are very close to those devices which were unimaginable in the early 1990s.

With iPhone 6 mock-up concept design, Chavan tried to highlight rise of flexible display smartphones in coming months. Coming back to the concept, the iPhone is just one part of the story. Even though, it's an iPhone , but in reality you can use the device in three forms : a 7.5-inch iPad , 5.8-inch phablet and 4.2-inch iPhone. The designer also mentions about new controlling scheme. The device will have a single camera and a new way to control speakers.

The concept is novel and futuristic. At this hour, it is little hard to connect with the concept. If Apple announces such single device in the future , then probably it could impact profit margins. Stay tuned to GizBot.

Have a look the gallery of images placed inside sliders .

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Futuristic concept

iPhone 6 - Concept image - 1

Apple to make Flexible display iPhone 6 in 2014 ? 

Samsung vs. Apple vs. LG

iPhone 6 Concept image - 2

Apple's slimmest iPhone 6 Full HD phone 

3-in-one package

iPhone Concept image - 3

Imagine iPhone 6 as a complete one device

iPhone 6 as a 7.5-inch iPad

iPhone 6 Concept image - 4

iPhone 6 vs. iPad 

Apple iPhone 6 to made from strongest material available on earth

iPhone 6 concept image - 5

It is said that iPhone 6 will be thinnest and strongest smartphone to be made available in the market. However, release date is unknown 

New way to define a smartphone

iPhone 6 concept image - 6

Will Apple iPhone 6 kill the laptop ? Only time will tell 

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