Apple iPhone 6 Could Face Design Patent Dispute from Chinese Smartphone Maker

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Apple is facing a storm of controversy after the Chinese smartphone maker Digione revealed Monday it sent a letter to Apple in September, claiming that the iPhone 6 may infringe on a registered patent.

Digione, a lesser known Chinese handset maker, sells a phone that looks similar to Apple's flagship iPhone 6. The company claims the Cupertino-based giant infringes upon one of the patents it holds.

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Apple iPhone 6 Could Face Design Patent Dispute

Basically, the patent covers a handset design that features an exterior look similar to the iPhone 6. The Chinese company applied for the patent in January and they originally granted the patent in July this year, according to China's State Intellectual Property Office.

To create some buzz online, Digione's smartphone brand 100+ took to a social networking site Monday and posted the letter it had sent to Apple in September.

"We believe that a communication with goodwill would contribute to solving potential legal disputes," the letter said.

So, at this point though, Apple has not responded to Digione, and the company wanted to tell the truth via the social media.

Interestingly, there's hardly a difference between the two devices, as both look literally same (cosmetically). The only difference between the two is the specs, price and of course, software.

Unlike the Apple iPhone 6, which costs a whopping $863 in China, Digione's own smartphone under the 100+ brand is targeting the low-end of the market.

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