Apple iPhone 6 To Sport Dynamic User Interface: Will Allow Users To Control Phone from Afar

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Apple is always in news, and mostly for its rumored devices and the kind of specifications the devices may or may not offer. The latest Apple device to make a mark for itself on the Internet is the iPhone 6 with more and more new details leaked almost everyday. This time, as expected, it's no different.

The latest rumor to have cropped up on the Web related to the next iPhone states that the new device, on release, will feature a certain something called the Dynamic User Interface. Apparently, the feature will allow users to control the handset even when they are not present near it.

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Apple iPhone 6 To Sport Dynamic User Interface

Apple's newest venture related to introducing a new kind of input method onto its new iPhone has been brought to light via a new patent. And if the new patent indeed turns out to be true, the technology could easily make its way to the handset.

The latest patent reveal brings to light the use of advanced sensors that will recognize movements, gestures, distance and location of a user. And what this necessarily means is that users will be able to control the device even when they are not around it.

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Apart from that, the new patent also says that the new technology will allow users to switch easily from a physical input system to an advanced gesture controls remotely. According to the patent continuation released by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the technology will also be featuring a most interactive computer system that can sense users.

With the new tech in place, display elements such as the text size may be increased or decreased automatically and will depend on the user's distance from the screen.

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Moreover, the user interface will also look to change and adapt depending on the location of the user in context to the device. Later, the device will act depending on the distance and the exact spot where the user is.

However, everything here has to be taken with a pinch of salt as nothing about the new iPhone (let alone its features and specifications) has been revealed officially.

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