Apple iPhone 6 Final Launch Just Few Hours Away: 10 Top Rumors Ahead of Unveiling

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Apple is finally set to make things more public for users with the unveiling of the new iPhone 6 handset at its event. And while it's not a big surprise that the company is indeed launching a new handset, owing to all the rumors and leaks, but a final showcasing will remove the final shreds of doubt.

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Apple iPhone 6 Final Launch Just Few Hours Away: 10 Top Rumors

While a host of rumors and leaks have seen around the internet in the past related to the new iPhone, what we actually know for sure is that the new iPhone will surely be shown off at Apple's September 9 event. Also, we are expecting the new iWatch and a newer variant of iPad to feature at the event.

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But before the handset finally goes live for the world, what are the things that we have known about it until now? What have the rumors suggested? We take closer look at the 10 top rumors related to the new Apple handset.

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Two Different Variants

We have had issues digesting this, but with rumors and leaks intensifying in the last few months, we are guessing that there's some truth to it after all. Rumors and leaks everywhere have suggested that the new iPhone will be coming in two different size variants. While one model will arrive with a 4.7-inch size factor, the other one will boast a bigger 5.5-inch size.

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Support for Near Field Communication (NFC)

Apple products in the past have been consistently touted to offer the NFC technology, similar to its Android counterparts, but nothing has been done in that area. Again, with the new iPhone (and even with the iWatch), Apple is expected to finally deliver the NFC tech.

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More Power on the Cards

Each year we see new iPhones arriving with upgraded speed and system specs. And this year isn't any different as well with the new iPhone again expected to offer a processor that will dwarf its predecessors in terms of power and effectiveness. The new Apple iPhone 6 is currently set to be powered by a next generation A8 chipset.

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Newest iOS On-board

Apple is always looking to keep its innovative side on the up with the release of each new handset. And most of the innovation arrives from the iOS operating system that's provided inside a handset or tablet. Similarly, with the new iPhone, Apple is expected to launch the handset with the new gen iOS 8.

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How Does the Naming Go?

We are sure that since there are two different variants of the iPhone on the cards, Apple will surely opt at naming both the handsets somewhat differently to rid any confusion. Reports have suggested that the 5.5-inch variant of the handset will be called iPhone 6 Plus. But we aren't really sure on this one.

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Increased Responsiveness with More RAM

We are not expecting any big changes in this regard since Apple anyway makes sure its iPhones are powered up from all angles possible. Going by that, expect the new iPhone 6 to offer 1 GB of RAM, making it much more responsive in the long run.

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Bigger Camera on Offer

With each year, Apple is rumored to offer a camera that will be better than one than the last one. This year, similarly, the new iPhone has been massively rumored to arrive with a 12 or 16MP sensor. But a similar 8MP sensor is still the biggest choice in this regard.

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Relocated Power Button

It also appears that Apple could be planning on relocating the power button to the edge of the handset, alongside the redesigned volume buttons for the same. Talk about innovation!

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Big Battery that's Ultra Thin

Apple's 4.7-inch iPhone 6 is said to arrive with a 2,250 mAh battery, and that will provide day-long backup for iPhone users who intend to use the device to the fullest. But that's not all. Apparently, the battery will also be ultra thin in size.

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iWatch Integration

Looks like Apple will take the lid off its Samsung Galaxy Gear and Android Wear competitor finally this year, with the long awaited Apple iWatch. And of course if the smartwatch is unveiled alongside iPhone 6, it will come with heavy integration with the smartphone considering the iOS 8 inclusion.

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New iPhone 6 Leak

Here's the newest iPhone 6 leak video that speaks extensively about the handset. Take a closer look

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