Apple iPhone 6 Gets Dissected by iFixit: 5 Things We Have Learned

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Apple is all set to take the smartphone market by storm once more with the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus now in the open. And as expected, this year the handsets have arrived with new additions and fixes.

While the iPhone 6 still waits to be released globally for all markets, it seems the guys over at iFixit have already got hold of a unit. And it's business as usual for them as they have already taken the handset apart to study more on it.

Apple iPhone 6 Gets Dissected by iFixit: 5 Things We Have Learned

While Apple hasn't shared any details about repairing the iPhone with third-party repair shops, iFixit guys have shown how it can be done without much sweat, apart from revealing a few other facts about the new device. Here are the 5 things we learnt from the iPhone 6 teardown.

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Changes to Touch ID

Apple has taken a different compared to the iPhone 5s and has now been routed up the back of the screen. This means you don't have to worry about accidentally ripping the touch ID cable ever.

Screen Connectors

Like the iPhones before it, the iPhone 6 screen connectors are covered by a metal plate, although the plate is held by 5 screws this time around. There are 5 connectors under this plate: LCD/Touch Sensor/Front Camera, Rear Camera and TouchID.

Battery Inside

Once you open up the handset, you will find the battery that's stuck well inside the handset. iFixit guys used a a bit of heat "and a little deformation of the battery" to get the unit out of the handset. Also, the battery has been rated at 3.82V, 6.91Whr.

Branding and The Bump

Apple has branded this particular iPhone 6 as model A1586. The Bump for it will be visible along the top of the iPhone 6. "Apple chose improved optics in exchange for a lens assembly that is slightly thicker than the rest of the phone," the team writes.

Know the Logic Board

The teardown of the handset shows off the main logic board of the iPhone 6. It houses the Apple A8 silicon and the 1GB SK Hynix RAM. The 16GB NAND flagship chip has been manufactured by Sandisk. You can know more about the iPhone 6 teardown here.

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