Apple iPhone 6 Has a Few Secrets Up its Sleeves: Top 5 Hidden Features Nobody Told You About

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And finally the world can rest easy with the eventual launch of the brand new iPhone 6. There have been a host of rumors and speculations related to the new iPhone iteration before Apple finally unveiled it recently.

As expected, the new iPhone (and the iPhone 6 Plus) has brought about a host of new features apart from a boatload of additons and fixes. And backed by the brand new iOS 8, expect the overall treat to be much bigger.

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Apple iPhone 6 Has a Few Secrets Up its Sleeves: Top 5 Hidden Features

But while everyone is talking about the handset's specs and comparing it with the previous iPhone 5s, hardly anyone has placed an inquisitive eye on the hidden features that iPhone 6 offers straight out of the box.

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Here we take a look at the top 5 hidden features for the new iPhone 6.

Which app eats away all your battery life? Which game is the most battery consuming? Well, there's now a new option in the usage menu under Settings will be able to tell you all that you need to know about the device's battery life. Expect a breakdown on the amount of battery consumption involved.

Sure some may say that this is a leaf out of what Snapchat offers, but when using the custom messaging app, holding down on the camera icon opens the camera app, and any pictures or videos sent from here will automatically disappear in two minutes. No strings attached!

The new iPhone 6 comes powered by iOS 8. This means you are free to make full use of the gesture based message manipulation that will be available in the Mail app. Swipe to the left to reply to a message or with a harder swipe, delete the message altogether. Nifty little feature, we would say.

In the phone, when you tap the preview icon at the bottom of the screen, it opens up an option that allows you to recover deleted photos. You can also empty the ‘Recently Deleted' album in the Photos app.

Siri keeps track of whatever you say with your handset in the vicinity. As creepy as that may sound, Apple has upgraded Siri so that it will listen constantly in order for it to be activated simply by you saying ‘Hey Siri.' And all that without even touching the home button.

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