Apple iPhone 6 Set for September 9 Launch: 5 Features We want to See

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Apple's growing popularity over the last few years has been mainly due to the yearly release of its very popular iPhone smartphones that have taken the market by storm. And that trend looks to continue with the iPhone 6 now around the corner.

While a lot of rumors and leaks have seen around the internet in the past related to the new iPhone, what we know for sure is that the new iPhone will surely be shown off at Apple's September 9 event. Also expect the new iWatch and a newer variant of iPad to feature at the event.

Apple iPhone 6 Set for September 9 Launch: 5 Features We want to See

The company has kept its tradition and has been evasive with the official invite that only said that it "wished it could say more." But the press has been trying to find out as many rumors as possible on the device and hence we have so many details coming out.

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But while the rumors have been there, and will keep emerging from the blue for the handset, there are also a few features that we are expecting to be on the new iPhone. And as you may expect, most of them have been borrowed from other leading OSs in the market.

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So here the 5 top things we want Apple to feature at launch of its newest iPhone. Check the sliders below for more details.

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Neat Screen Lock Tech (Like LG's)

Apple has always been known for being innovative and offering the most intuitive features on its handsets. And if that's so, then why not take a cue from LG and introduce a similar kind of locking/unlocking feature on the new iPhone? We are sure you have seen how the new age LG phones turn or off just with a combination of taps on the screen.

Sapphire Protection

This one is already in the rumors, although we aren't sure if Apple will incorporate the protection technology. But that hasn't stopped it from making it to our wishlist. And why not? After all, Apple does use the tech as a camera lens cover. But we want it to be more mainstream this time around.

A Proper Camera Button

Apple isn't really into buttons, as far as its phones and tablets are concerned. Sure, we aren't even expecting whole lot of buttons for the new iPhone, but we would indeed like to see a physical camera button for the handset. This would have made the entire experience even more special, especially if you had a shutter button option.

Better Speakers (Probably Surround)

Apple would have done itself a favor if it adds more in terms of audio output for the new iPhone. Maybe it could take some lessons from the new HTC One M8 in terms of surround sound speakers it offers on the handset.

Quality Waterproofing

Sony and Samsung have made a big deal out of the whole IP67 waterproofing thing. And rightfully so since the devices can withstand a good soaking. Could Apple bring similar standards to its new iPhone? We would be happy if it did.

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