Apple iPhone 6 Treated to Light-Hearted Banter: 5 Top Hits by Big Brands

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Apple is one of the most popular and respected companies that are currently operating in the planet. And with such popularity, comes a bit of a light hearted rivalry from other top players in the game. And the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus haven't been spared as well.

While the social media was bursting to its seams with all the jokes that were being cracked at the Cupertino giant's expense, there were a few big name handset makers who also it fitting to join in with the light hearted banter. Others were bent of comparing the handset with others in its class.

Apple iPhone 6 Treated to Light Banter: 5 Top Hits by Big Brands

The jokes ranged over several different topics related to the new iPhones, although most were bent on serving out a bit of mischief related to the size of the new iPhone 6 Plus. After all, the device does sport a 5.5-inch screen.

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But enough with the introduction. Let's take a look at what the big brands had to say related to the new iPhone. But none have been made with any sort of malicious intent. It's just that when you are that famous, you are bound to be subjected to a bit of ridicule.

Apple iPhone 6 In Pictures

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HTC's 'Big Screen' Tweet

"Bigger screen. Better performance. Elegant design. Welcome to the party." That's what HTC wrote when the iPhone 6 was announced. Well, Apple isn't exactly the only big screen offering handset company in the block now, is it?

Samsung's Ignorant Apple Staff Teaser

All have been posted in a light hearted manner. Yet this new advertisement does raise the bar a bit. Look at this video for more information.

And... HTC Once More

While the global Twitter page for HTC welcomed Apple to the party of big screen smartphones, the HTC UK decided to keep things at a minimum. Although not shying away from congratulating Apple on the big screen offering.

Sony's Big Battery Tweet

Sony was following up on all the fun, and didn't want to be left out of the mix. And hence it also tweeted stating "For those of you with battery issues during the live stream, you missed the BIG news... " Apple already has few criticisms against its name due to its non-removable batteries.

And Finally... THIS

Things don't get any clearer than this. Here's a full comparison that was made between the Nexus 4 and the iPhone 6. Apparently, the Nexus 4 won. And the image said: "Welcome to 2012. Enjoy your 'new' device."

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