Apple iPhone Sales Banned in Mexico

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iPhone is doing quite remarkable sales in different parts of the globe. However, in Mexico, the scene is slightly different. Apple has a lost a court case in Mexico which may impose a ban on the company from selling iPhones in the country. This entire tiff is due to the striking phonetic similarity of the name iPhone with iFone which is a Mexican telecommunications company. iFone registered in name in 2003 almost 4 years before Apple launched its first iPhone. 

Apple had tried to secure the name ‘iFone’ in 2009 and aimed at stopping the telecommunications company from using this name. However luck was not on their side. iFone fought back against Apple for damages and could end up receiving heft amount of Apple. There are reports that iFone could get up to 40% of the revenue generated by iPhone sales in Mexico. iFone has also asked the court to place an injunction preventing Apple from using iPhone in Mexico. Apple is not likely to change the name of their trademark product just for executing sales in Mexico. 

Unless Apple and iFone reaches an agreement of some kind Apple will unable to continue the sales of iPhones in Mexico. However an agreement is less likely to happen. Apple is expected to appeal the case however the ruling stands for now. There are reports which suggest that Apple might be trying to reach a settlement with iFone which would allow the former to continue the sales using the same name in Mexico. However no confirmation has arrived from Apple regarding this. We will have to wait and see what the next move from Apple will be. 

Source: Slashgear

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