Apple May Introduce Cheaper iPhone 5C with 8 GB storage on Tuesday

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Apple, which was been facing criticism ever since it came up with the iPhone 5C, is reportedly planning to release an 8GB version of the so-called "affordable" smartphone in Germany.

Set to be priced cheaper than the 16GB version, the new phone could debut as soon as Tuesday. The Apple iPhone 8GB will reportedly cost 509 euros (Rs. 43,239) compared to the 569 euros (Rs. 48,336) price tag for the 16GB model. Apple currently offers its iPhone 5C in 16GB and 32GB capacities.

On Monday, MacRumors citing two Germany based blog sites, reported that Apple could be planning for an 8GB version of the iPhone 5C. The new version of iPhone 5C is expected to be made available in multiple colors, MacRumors notes.

Further, MacRumors own tipsters had indicated that the iPhone 5C might get launched in the U.K. Moreover, a picture of 8GB iPhone 5C's retail package has been obtained by Engadget, confirming its existence.

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Apple May Introduce Cheaper iPhone 5C with 8 GB storage on Tuesday

So far, all the reports in respect to the introduction of iPhone 5C 8GB are coming straight out of Europe. But there seems to be a little doubt that Apple would limit the phone in Europe.

Apple has not been able to sell the iPhone 5C in large numbers, citing negative response from users and critics alike. If the leaked reports turned out to be true, a cheaper iPhone 5C would be a way to elevate Apple's market share in the emerging countries, such as India and China.

The poor performance of Apple iPhone 5C is not limited to Europe; sales have been flat as well in China. A new data from China-based analytics company Umeng shows that the iPhone 5 is the most popular phone, accounting for about 15 percent of Umeng's network. The other phone, the iPhone 5S comes in at 12 percent, while the iPhone 5C can only reached at 2 percent.

In India, Apple was optimistic about the iPhone 5C, as the phone went on sale at Rs. 41,000 for the 16GB version. Since the launch, iPhone 5C has seen price falling by up to Rs. 6000. Even though the phone is a lot cheaper than its launched price; users seemed to stay away from the iPhone 5C. In fact, iPhone 5C's biggest threat is none other than Apple iPhone 4S, which is believed to be selling well in Indian market.

If the iPhone 5C 8GB version comes at a price point of Rs. 30,000 in India, there are still chances to find few takers. For the time being Apple hasn't announced the availability of a cheaper 8GB iPhone 5C globally.

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