Apple Planning to Introduce 'Transparent Texting' for Safety On the Move

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Apple may have had a lot under its sleeves for the current year, but its making sure that it has even more when the year rolls down the line. And it's making sure that its sleeves are kept full with patents related to a number of upcoming in-device features from the company.

According to reports, Apple is currently looking into a certain technology that will offer users an easier and a safer way to text and walk by making the iPhone's screen "transparent" during messaging operations via an ingenious use of live video.

Apple Planning to Introduce 'Transparent Texting' for Safety

But while that sounds quite futuristic and impressive, how exactly does Apple intend to bring that technology to the iPhone? As reported first via Apple Insider, in order to enable a "transparent texting" system, "Apple proposes that an app's background be modified to display video images continuously captured by an iPhone's rear-facing camera."

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And this has been revealed via a brand new patent application filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday.

So basically, Apple is envisioning this new technology with the idea that instead of having the messaging app offer you the typical white background, the iPhone will now detect if you're moving, while portraying whatever the back camera is capturing at that moment.

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And if you're walking down the road with the phone in your hand, this feature will allow you to keep an eye on your surroundings and avoid any kinds of accidents.

Moreover, this also allows the user to type whatever he wants related to any object nearby without having to move his or her eyes around to get the information.

The technology has only been patented currently and will take a while before it finally reaches the original device. However, expect Gizbot to keep you updated on everything that's happening.

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