Apple plans for a redesigned iPhone 5 in 2012

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Apple plans for a redesigned iPhone 5 in 2012

When it comes to making plans and putting them into action, Apple always seem to succeed. Apple’s strategies are fail proof apparently. In the year 2011, there were a lot of speculations about Apple’s plan of upgrades, updates and new launches for the year 2012. It was then that the news came out that Apple will bring in the fifth instalment of the iPhone series - a fresh, completely redesigned iPhone, which already is most anticipated by the name of Apple iPhone 5.

Well, the speculations remained as speculations, but what we just told you, about the iPhone 5, was a prediction from a popular analyst named Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray. Gene Munster says that there weren’t any change in design and shape of Apple’s iPhone 4S. So he claims that there is a possibility that the iPhone 5 will have a new design. Gene Munster also expects the iPhone 5 to be launched in the summer season, just like all its predecessors except iPhone 4S, were launched.

Apple iPhone 5 is considered to be the most anticipated gadget and one of the most discussed topics in the internet. Rumours about Apple’s iPhone make it seem like the handset has otherworldly specifications. Apple didn’t seem to care about the rumours and speculations, not even bothering to say they are all false speculations. Everybody who makes all these rumours and speculations should realize that Apple is one company which would always surprise you with its products and their features, nullifying almost all the speculations at the same time.

Apple’s iPhone series handsets played a significant role in the growth of the company over these years. Apple has reached a level of growth and reputation which other competing companies would take a long time to reach or surpass. Gene Munster believes that just like the older iPhone's, Apple’s new iPhone 5 will also determine the amount of growth Apple will have in the year 2013. As per Munster’s calculations, Apple will be able to make a record sale of 142 million iPhone 5s by 2013, which would also boost Apple’s revenue up till about 18%.

Munster also states the iPad series of tablets from Apple will also play a major role in Apple’s rise to success in 2012 and 2013. This assumption is based on the popularity of iPads, which would most likely be available at a much lower price by late 2012, thereby reaching more people and increasing the demand of iPads. Munster seems to know that predicting exactly when Apple would launch its new iPhone 5 is not possible. All we can do is, wait for words from Apple about iPhone 5.

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