Asus Padfone now confirmed to run on Nvidias Tegra 3

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Asus Padfone now confirmed to run on Nvidias Tegra 3

The tech world is always filled with speculations and rumors about the devices still to come and also those devices which are in developing stage. Many reviewers and gadget fans try to dig up maximum information from all the available resources. They also try to get the first access to the piece of information as well. Sometimes these speculations appear to be not right.

A few weeks ago somewhere in November there has been news going round the net that ASUS’s Padfone will have a Qualcomm MSM8960 processor. As time proceeded there are contradictory statements coming from other sources. Nicole Scott who works at claims that ASUS Padfone is set to run on NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 quad-core processor. The information is available from a very reliable source and hence it seems earlier speculations were wrong. Till now no one is able to back up this claim or contradict it.

Nicole Scott agrees to the earlier news that the phone will be launched in the Mobile World Congress in 2012 which will be held from 27th February to 1st March at Barcelona. There are also very good chances that the device will be there for the CES 2012 too. If that’s the case then the users and gadget junkies can get an early preview of the device since CES 2012 will be held on early January next year.

There has been discrete criticism that this is not at all the case and it is just an exaggeration that ASUS pad phone will feature a NVIDIA processor. But considering their mobile line up this may not be that much improbable. ASUS transformer Prime already comes fitted with a NVIDIA processor and that too a Tegra 3 type.

Since the presence of this processor in the phone was highly welcomed by the user there are very good chance that the legacy will continue. ASUS Transformer Prime also got some very good reviews from gadget reviewers all around the world. Many of the features in the phone were made possible because of this powerful processor.

If that is the case then Asus Padfone will be one incredible device. With two times the processing power of a normal dual core processor the device can churn down any complex task in a matter of time. If the phone has some pretty good specs too to go with the processor would surely be in the media spot light in 2012.

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