Mobile With A X –ray Vision

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Mobile With A X –ray Vision
The technologies you generally view in Bond films can now actually come live to you. Researchers at the University of South Australia have developed mobile phone software that can offer X-ray vision to see what"s on the other side of the building in front of you.

Christian Sandor said that the application works by using the phone's camera.The users point the camera at a building and an image of it would appear on the screen. Then, after a short while the image would change to show what is behind the building. The research group collaborated with Nokia to build the application, which it hoped could be introduced in the next two years.

Now, lets get to the ground reality. The technology, named 'Augmented' appears to be X-ray vision, but it actually uses pictures and images that already exist in databases such as Google Earth and Google Streetview.

To serve the purpose the application needs two pieces of information: a 3D area or city model of the phone and his exact position.

It capture the shape and size of the buildings in a city. That data is thus merged with images from databases to complete the 3D model.

GPS is used to work out the user's exact position. Once the software has the information, it uses information and images from the 3D model to display a picture of what is behind the building.

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