Bada 2.0 software updates getting delayed on Samsung Wave series phones

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Bada 2.0 software updates getting delayed on Samsung Wave series phones

Some time ago there were speculations that Samsung was going to offer each and every phone in their Samsung Wave line up with a dose of Bada 2.0 update. The word was that the update would be provided before the end of the year. But it seems like it won’t be rolled out as expected.

When Samsung Wave 3 was launched with the latest Bada 2.0 operating system; the expectations were high for other Wave users, that they too would get the update any time soon. Samsung officials in Spain as well as Italy have confirmed that the operating system update will be still delayed. The news is that it would only be available somewhere in the first few months of 2012. Samsung Italy has said that the update will be available only after March. A clear date has not been given but they have given out the word that, don’t expect anything before March. The existing users will have to wait some more months to get their hands on this new operating system then.

Bada 2.0 operating system sports some pretty amazing features. The main thing is that it supports multi tasking and many applications can run together without any problem. Only one will work in the fore ground but all the others will be there in the back ground and the user can switch in between them. The user interface has also got a complete over haul. The new interface has three different navigation styles. The user can move in between menus or pages by using the header, footer or the tab bar. Search bar and Gallery functions are also incorporated in the user interface.

Bada platform supports near field communication, commonly known as NFC. This allows the users to exchange information at a rate of up to 424 kbps within a range of 4 cm. The inter application communication is also very much improved in this version of Bada increasing the ease of use for the device. The Wi-Fi direct feature in it lets the device to make communication between multiple Wi-Fi devices without the need for a Wi-Fi hot spot.

Samsung Wave 525 and Wave 533 won’t be getting the new operating system update it seems. This is because there hard ware is not compatible with the requirements of the new OS. All the other Samsung Wave viewers can hope that they would be granted their wish for the new OS by March at least.

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