BlackBerry Classic Arriving in India Mid-December: 5 Interesting Features of BB OS 10.3.1

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BlackBerry has been one of the mobile makers who have found it quite difficult to climb up to the standard that's currently maintained by the likes of Samsung and Apple. And with their respective Android and iOS operating systems, the climb as been even more difficult.

However, coming to terms with the market, the company has still managed to stay in news with the recent release of the brand new BlackBerry Passport. And straight out of the news, the company is also on the verge of releasing its new BlackBerry Classic in India this December.

BlackBerry Classic: 5 Interesting BB OS 10.3.1 Features

While we are currently waiting for the handset to release officially in the native market, the handset's forte remains with the fact that it will arrive with the most updated BB OS. Hence, here's a look at the features of the BB OS 10.3.1.

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Recent Contact Manage

This is one of the newest additions that you will find within the Hub settings. When you visit the Hub, it will show you a list of who recently contacted you. From here onward, you can carry on doing the usual things like mailing the contact and adding it. You could even add them to a 'Blocked Contacts List'.

Charge Only Mode

If you are looking to charge your device faster than usual over USB, you could actually do that by killing all USB activity on the device while it's connected. And this also is one of the features BlackBerry is working on to introduce to the newly updated OS.

Shortcuts for Keyboard

We are happy to say that keyboard shortcuts will indeed be making a return with the new BlackBerry Classic. But what's even more interesting is the fact that they will be better than its predecessors. With the new changes, BlackBerry 10 will offer more ways to use the shortcuts while launching apps, using speed dial and more.

Custom Profiles

If you aren't happy with the preloaded profiles for notifications, know that BlackBerry 10.3.1 will allow you to create your own custom profile and even name it to whatever you want. This one is a nice feature from BBOS that's also coming back.

Custom LED

With the BB 10.3.1 running in the background, expect the option to customize your LED notification color for almost anything on the phone. And this includes the likes of contacts, notifications and more. Moreover, you need not install any extra app for this as all of it will be in the phone.

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