Blackberry Dakota From RIM

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Blackberry Dakota From RIM
Research In Motion (RIM) is come out with the latest technology. The Blackberry maker Research In motion has launched the Blackberry Dakota which seems to have the best features in the market so far. The smartphone is classy and stylish with its unique features related to that of a multimedia phone.

Having tough competition from Google Android and Apple iOS, RIM has decided to put itself up by this trendy smartphone. Now, compared to the rest of the latest smart phones which has come up recently, this Blackberry Dakota will be easier to handle as the device is small and contains features that are mind blowing to make its customers happy.

Resembling the original Blackberry bold, this Blackberry Dakota offers a touchscreen as well as keypad device for those who have fat fingers finding touchscreen difficult to use. The other outstanding features of the RIM, Blackberry Dakota is that this phone has 768MB of RAM, Wifi connection which is easily accessible wherever you are, Blue tooth connectivity, 5 megapixel liquid lens camera, high storage memory of 4GB, HD video recording which is crisp clear tied with best sound effects and a 640X480 touchscreen.

Apart from the amazing features on this smartphone , stated above, the Blackberry Dakota also has a 3G signal 'personal' mobile hotspot.

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