BlackBerry 'Jakarta' Z3 Releasing Officially in India: 5 Selling Factors For the Smartphone

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BlackBerry presence in the Indian market isn't something that comes straight out of a fairy tale book. In fact, it has been quite the opposite with major names such as Samsung and Apple coming out with their respective Android and iOS offerings not helping its cause at all.

However, the company still garners a lot of hope inside while it prepares to release the brand new BlackBerry Z3 into the Indian market. The Z3 isn't really a brand new offering since it was already built exclusively and released in Indonesia. The makers decided to make tjhe device live in India after the kind of popularity it gained in Indonesia.

BlackBerry Z3 Releasing Officially in India: 5 Selling Factors

But the new BlackBerry comes in at a very crucial time in the Indian smartphone domain. According to International Data Corporation, smartphone sales in India grew almost three-fold to over 44 million in 2013. And in fact, that number was helped by affordable devices made by local firms like Micromax and Karbonn.

And now with an affordable device of its own, BlackBerry is looking to do exactly what others in the same price ranges have done. And needless to say that if the company carries out its trade in the same manner, then its also up for a grand market numbers with the device.

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But before the device goes official for the Indian fans, it's actually important to know a bit about it to at least know in mind what you are actually dealing with here.

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So here are the top 5 selling factors of the upcoming BlackBerry Z3 that you should be knowning before the final India release.

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BlackBerry 'Jakarta' Z3 Selling Factor: BlackBerry Link

In case you are all Android or iOS, and don't really know what BlackBerry and its operating system is offering, let us introduce you the BlackBerry Link.

BlackBerry Link lets you access, sync, and layout your content, such as music and photos between your BlackBerry device and your computer 10.

Users can insert images, songs and videos into the new device, and with BlackBerry links, you can organize and synchronize content between your BlackBerry device and the computer. And if you are transferring from the previous device, the BlackBerry Link can provide a quick and easy setup.

BlackBerry 'Jakarta' Z3 Selling Factor: BlackBerry OS 10.2.1

The new BlackBerry doesn't only have a new form factor, but it also comes fitted with the brand new version of the BlackBerry operating system. With the new BlackBerry OS 10.2.1 on board, there's access to BlackBerry Hub.

The BlackBerry Hub allows the OS to manage your mails and notifications much better than others. Moreover, there's also the option to work on those notifications straight from the lock screen itself. And needless to say, the entire experience is as intuitive as simple.

BlackBerry 'Jakarta' Z3 Selling Factor: Pricing

As we mentioned before, the Z3 is primarily arriving to compete in the affordable range in the market. And the Z3 is anyway set to be a very affordable device, since it has already been launched in Indonesia for a price tag that translates into Rs 11,500 when Indian currency is concerned.

And if that remains as the final pricing for the device, it's a mighty good deal we have to say. A device with a 5-inch form factor and being priced at just a little above 10k is quite the deal that you will get in that kind of a price range.

BlackBerry 'Jakarta' Z3 Selling Factor: Support for Android

In case you didn't know by now, but the best feature of the latest OS lies in the fact that you get to download and install any Android app on to it. So there won't be any more posts relating to how BlackBerry doesn't have major app support to offer its users.

In fact, while you can side-load apps from any app store, BlackBerry is said to offer official access to the Amazon app store in the next few months. And that's quite a grand scheme.

BlackBerry 'Jakarta' Z3 Selling Factor: The Basics

If indeed the Z3 comes along with a price tag of the aforementioned Rs. 11,500, then it will be doing so for a device that will offer you the latest BlackBerry OS, a dual core 1.2 GHz processor, microSD support, and even Android apps support. We are already excited, are you?

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