Blackberry Milan and Blackberry London - upcoming smartphones

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Blackberry Milan and Blackberry London - upcoming smartphones

RIM Blackberry series mobile handsets are immensely successful with a reputation growing over continents. RIM Blackberry handsets are very attractive with a sleek design, touchscreen displays with great technologies integrated, lots of cool features etc. Owning an RIM Blackberry handset is kind of a pride for people nowadays. With their growing reputation, RIM is also launching new, feature-rich and unique models of the Blackberry.

RIM announced a while back that two new RIM Blackberry handsets are almost ready to be launched. The two new handsets which are categorized as “highly anticipated” are christened as RIM Blackberry Milan and RIM Blackberry London. The moment the news came out about these two new Blackberry handsets, rumours and speculations started to appear from nowhere. From among speculations and many reports from several sources, there are a few details about Blackberry Milan and Blackberry London available, which still haven’t been confirmed by RIM.

RIM Blackberry Milan is reported to run in Blackberry 7 Operating system or higher. Reports claim that Blackberry Milan has a slider form factor. A capacitive touchscreen is obvious but there are only rumours about the display length and screen resolution. There are also pending confirmations, that Blackberry Milan also sports proximity sensors and light sensors. Blackberry London on the other hand, has many unconfirmed speculations related to its specifications.

Many reports from popular and trustworthy sources state that Blackberry London will be powered by a 1.5 GHz TI OMAP processor and 1 GB RAM. But the sites admit that this may go wrong or may change. The reports also boast about high end camera specs in Blackberry London. Majority of the reports claim that London will have an 8 Megapixels camera while there are many reports arguing that it’s a 5 megapixel one with LED Flash. Blackberry London is also rumoured to have 16 GB internal storage.

With RIM Blackberry’s reputation and their handsets named after famous places, it is assumed that Blackberry Milan and Blackberry London will feature good secondary cameras at the front thus supporting video conferencing. RIM Blackberry Milan and London will also obviously come with internet connectivity options in 3G networks and 802.11 WiFi. There are bound to be preloaded apps in the handsets, most likely Google apps and social networking apps.

The only thing we can be sure of is that Blackberry Milan and Blackberry London will have great loudspeakers, as in all Blackberry handsets. Blackberry Milan and Blackberry London remains mysterious probably for giving its fans a big surprise with news of launch and specification details.

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