BlackBerry OS 10.3.1 Release Delayed to Early 2015, Says Reports

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BlackBerry may not boast big numbers in sales with the likes of Samsung and Apple biting at its heels, but it still is making sure its users stay afloat in the smartphone ecosystem with all the latest updates.

While the company has made the new BlackBerry Passport the only phone available with the new OS 10.3, it has also promised to bring the new operating system to older models. However, that might take some time in happening, as revealed by the company.

BlackBerry OS 10.3.1 Release Delayed to Early 2015, Says Reports

According to a N4BB report, BlackBerry's CEO John Chen has confirmed that Classic, the company's next smartphone won't be available until December. And this, apparently, has affected the release of the BlackBerry OS 10.3.1 as well.

"As revealed in the 2014 global roadmap, the update would occur around the release of the upcoming BlackBerry Classic, which was expected to release in November of this year. The Classic release will usher in the launch of OS 10.3.1," the report adds.

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The OS 10.3.1 update, however, offers a more refreshed BlackBerry 10 experience while also incorporating features from the original BlackBerry OS. The new update is set to bring options for internal and external out of office replies, Task Recurrence, Workspace Camera and more.

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