Blackberry Set To Launch 9980

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Blackberry Set To Launch 9980
Blackberry finally made some major changes to the traditional design the company has been following from past so many years with the announcement of the latest handset to be rolled out into the market by the company known as Blackberry 9980. Official announcement on the gadget is still pending.

The newest handset is very slim according to sources and has unique metallic finishing. It is only the front side which has been designed metallically, whereas the rear side has been finished with leather like material which enhances the handsets and provides a luxurious image. Even the company has made some changes with the keypad. The QWERTY keypad is very impressive and ensures typing comfort for the users as it is placed well with enough space.

Regarding the operating system, it is the most advanced operating system, Blackberry OS 7 being included in the handset to make it confirm that the users will get the most unique and brilliant performance with the gadget. 1.2 GHz Snapdragon processor is another addition to the Blackberry model and thus it can be commented without any doubt that high performance is guaranteed. The screen size is expected to be 2.44 inches wider with a resolution of 640 x 480 GB and also the glass look will leverage the beauty of the gadget. It is also expected that the handset will feature 5 mega pixel camera. As far as Blackberry models are considered, camera with such higher pixel is pretty rare as most of the mobile phones features low pixels camera. Moreover, the storage capacity has also been enlarged up to 8 GB. Thus, it can be stated that Blackberry 9980 Smartphone is a well advanced handset with enough specification and specialty compared to other Blackberry handsets are considered.

Well, the Blackberry 9980 Smartphone has been developed in with collaboration with Porsche. There is no further information available on the details of the collaboration and agreement related to it. But, there are expectations that the Blackberry 9980 will feature almost every application of Porsche. Moreover, the company has also kept it confidential about the release date of the gadget and which country will be hosting the marvelous piece of work for the first time.

According to the sources further more details on Blackberry 9980 Smartphone and the major specifications and unique features of the gadget will be disclosed only by 27th October in Dubai. Well, as the features are still confidential it is obvious that the price in India is also to be the same. Hopefully, we could learn more about the gadget by the end of this month.

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