Blackberry Torch 10000 smartphone

Posted By: Rahul

Blackberry Torch 10000 smartphone

The tech world is always getting news and leaks about new devices. Blackberry Torch 10000 also popped up in the tech world a few days before. There is not much news about the features and specs of the device. When and where the device will be launched is also not clear.

The phone was noticed when it came on the device listings of Asurion insurance company. There are many mysterious facts associated with the respective listing. The main dilemma is that it is not clear what all information in the listing can be taken up as reliable. There is not much supporting or contradicting facts in the net too.

The first strange thing about the phone is its name itself. The BlackBerry users may find the number 10000 very odd. Till now no BlackBerry device has got a model number that has more than 4 digits. So this device cannot be compared to any of the existing models and therefore it’s not possible to assume its specs. Other thing is that the same listing contains iPhone 5 in it. The release date of iPhone 5 is expected to be around the end of next year. So, that means that this new BlackBerry model may also have this much delay. If that is the case then it may feature the new BlackBerry 10 operating system which is said to come out around that time. And that may be the reason for the 5 digit model numbering.

One other thing is that it is not known in which form factor the phone will come. Some times it may have a full touch screen display or other wise it will be in the form of a QWERTY slider. Since the BlackBerry Torch line up incorporates both these form factors the exact details of the new model cannot be guessed. The device may most probably come under the AT & T network because it was found under the company’s drop down list.

BlackBerry may come up with more news about of Blackberry Torch 10000 by the beginning of next year. On the very least the gadget lovers may be able to squeeze out some more information through some source. If more features come into light the price tag of the device can be guessed too. But till then the device remains as a mystery only time can sort out and we can hope that it won’t be too long.

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