BlackBerry Windermere Leak Update: Smartphone To Come With Multiple Keyboard Gesture Controls

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Back in December last year, rumors were loud and clear about BlackBerry coming up with two high-end smartphones. These devices were codenamed as "Ontario" and "Windermere". However, there were no information pertaining to the specs of these devices until now. But don't get excited already as we don't have a full fledged info on these devices. In fact, the recent leak now has appeared online which sheds some light on the latter device which is "Windermere".

BlackBerry Windermere Leak Shows Multiple Keyboard Gesture Controls

Thus according to leak, the "Windermere" smartphone coming from the Canadian QWERTY smartphone maker features a 4.5-inch screen with an exuberant pixel density of 452ppi that suggests a high display resolution about 1440x1440pixels.

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What is more impressive about the device, is the "touch-sensitive" QWERTY keyboard with keys that integrate physical feedback when pressed or touched to execute an operation (when touched, but not pressed). However, these are the interpretation coming from the details of the device's keyboard's patent description.

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So far, there are no details about the "Ontario" and whether it will also use the same keypad technology. However, reports online suggest that it will come with a 5-inch screen with a 4×5 grid and 440dpi. Moreover about the keypad, a BlackBerry user reportedly said that it will support some familiar touch-screen gestures. There is swiping in four directions, along with touching, moving, tapping, and clicking gestures that let the user arrange items and content inside BB10. The Windermere keyboard is essentially described as a trackpad, which matches these newly discovered gestures.

The user in fact said that the keyboard would feature gestures like Tap, Swipe down, Swipe up (validates word), Swipe left (deletes word), Swipe right, Touch up, Touch down, and Touch + move.

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