BlackBerry Z10 Receives First Update: Adds Camera and Battery Enhancements

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BlackBerry Z10 was launched a few day back and already the company has pushed out an OTA update. The update is apparently being rolled out, as a response to the user feedback. The update is said to bring improvement to 5 major areas.

What are these improvements? The update brings major improvement to performance of third party apps. Developers will now be able to build smoother and faster apps. The word is this update has already helped WhatsApp push out an ETA on the BlackBerry app. The App is expected to arrive this month.

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BlackBerry Z10 Receives It's First Update

Click Here For More BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone Images

The second major improvement is focuses on the camera. Low-light performance of the Z10's camera is said to be reviving some improvements, along with the update. Non-the-less the BlackBerry Z10's camera is quite a impressive and is even compared to the on iPhone 5.

Coming to the third improvement, the update brings fix for Gmail calendars, improvements for call logging and conversations in the BlackBerry Hub and easier means to import contacts from online sources.

Coming to the fourth improvement, the update will offer enhanced browser and media playback. However, the company has not specified on exactly what changes have been incorporated.

The fifth improvement focuses on battery life. The update is said to bring enhancements to battery performance. The company claims the update will bring 60 different optimizations to the battery performance of BlackBerry Z10, which will keep it running all day.

The update is being rolled-out, Over The Air, so it would be be good idea to check your smartphones, for availability of the update.

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