BMW Set to Acquire About 60,000 Microsoft Lumia Windows Phones

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Big times are ahead of Microsoft. Fresh from releasing the brand new Lumia 535, ditching the Nokia branding, Microsoft is all set to sign a brand new deal with BMW that will see the leading car maker signing a new deal for Windows Phone.

There are new reports that are stating BMW and Microsoft have already negotiated on a new partnership that aims at the car maker replacing phones currently owned by its staff with brand new Lumia models. If the deal is indeed successful, this can be a good news for both the handset and the car maker.

BMW Set to Acquire About 60,000 Microsoft Lumia Windows Phones

"At this point, Windows Phone only has a 3 percent market share worldwide, so it's pretty clear that, in order to win ground and compete with rivals Android and iOS, Microsoft must sign more such deals with large companies that can purchase not one or two Lumias, but several thousands," a Softpedia report states.

And similar is the scene with the top car maker as the Germans are apparently planning to purchase nearly 60,000 Windows Phone handsets in order to replace the Symbian phones currently being used by its staff.

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To be more precise, WPArea writes that BMW is currently looking at two different models, both of which are already on the market under the Nokia brand. While one of them is the Lumia 630 with its 4.5-inch screen, 512 MB of RAM, and 8 GB of storage , the other one is a Lumia 930 with 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage space.

"While the exact terms of the deal haven't been disclosed until now, there's no doubt that selling 60,000 Windows Phone handhelds in a shot is a really important financial win for Microsoft," the report adds.

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