Brick concept phone revolution in transparent design


    Brick concept phone revolution in transparent design


    It takes a lot of neurons to come up with a great design for a mobile handset. It takes more to come up with a design which would make a particular handset unique. The more innovative the design, the more appealing will be the handset. A mobile handset with an appealing design attracts a lot of people, tempting them to search for that particular handset’s details, primarily the features and specifications.

    Any gadget developed is actually just a concept at first. Handset manufacturers and engineers put in a lot of effort to make that concept practical. Realizing a concept and materializing a device according to the concept is no easy task. Developing a concept applies to not just phones and other gadgets, but also even automobiles.

    Basically referred to as concept designs, if they are innovative enough and can be developed with the current levels of technology, then a lot of manufacturers are ready to invest, to make the idea real.

    Among all cool concepts present for mobile handsets, a few of them is absolutely brilliant and if it comes real, such concept based devices are going to be a revolution. Two brilliant designers recently came up with a new concept for a phone. The concept is pretty awesome, once you understand their ideas. The designers Shaocheng Huang and Yuyin Huang came up with the Brick concept handset, which is already grabbing a lot of attention in the Internet.

    According to the Brick Concept, the mobile phone will have a large transparent screen. This display screen supposedly is a gateway which provides a few awesome functionalities to the phone as well. How many handsets have you seen with displays that offer more than just displaying stuff? According to the designers, the transparent display will have all the functionalities of a regular display screen, as well as new functionalities such as using the screen as a magnifying glass or a microscope, using the display as a translation tool etc.


    The translation functionality of a display is a very innovative idea. Imagine your handsets display being able to translate text viewed through its transparent glass, to your language instantly. It is brilliant.

    Although the concept is similar to Samsung’s see-through tablet concept, the Brick concept is something which still needs to fit into the current levels of technology. Right now, the brick concept is far from reachable. Besides, referring to this concept as “Brick” is pretty awkward as well, when you consider yourself explaining the details of your phone – “This here is a brick phone”. You know how it would sound. So the name needs a change as well.


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