CES 2014: ZTE Eco-Mobius Is the World's Second Modular Smartphone in Making

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The story about a modular smartphones actually started with a PhoneBloks which was created by Dave Hakkens. The smartphone design that would come with interchangeable parts (eg. different cameras with different sensors, different RAM and more) is something which is very revolutionary.

CES 2014: ZTE Eco-Mobius Is the World's Second Modular Phone in Making

Taking the tips from the PhoneBloks and its creator, Motorola has already announced its project Ara which basically is a project on a similar modular smartphone. Now Chinese smartphone manufacturer ZTE has also unveiled its similar device which they have been working on. The company has named it Eco-Mobius.

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However, there is no clue how these two smartphone manufacturers are going bring out the phone. Moreover both these companies have been working is such confidential manner that not even an iota of information about the device was out in public so far. The only thing we know so far is that such device is currently at work.

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Fortunately, ZTE has recently showed off its first concept device at the CES and reportedly, the representatives said that the device would be out within next two years.

Apparently, the smartphone looks sleeker than the Ara from Motorola and is divided into four separate interchangeable modules for LCD, CPU (processors, RAM and ROM), camera and battery.

No other information is available beyond these. Stay tuned to GizBot!


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