Cheaper Facebook phones coming soon

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Cheaper Facebook phones coming soon

Social networking sites have become a part of our day to day life. Among them the very popular one and the site with the most users is Facebook with more than 800 million users world wide. The founder Mark Zuckerberg had made a fortune from the site. Today most of the smart phones come with social networking applications. The most common social networking applications present in them will be Facebook or Orkut. On the other hands there are phones that is especially designed for Facebook.

The so called Facebook phones will have dedicated Facebook buttons and the applications built into it make Facebook browsing in the phone simple. Mobile phone market leaders like HTC had already come up with such phones made entirely for the Facebook users apart from offering other common phones features. HTC chacha and HTC salsa are phones of that type. But the problem with these types of phones is that they are a bit costly. So the common man may not be able to afford it.

Moreover, a major portion of the Facebook users are students, they too may not be able to afford a high end phone which has incorporated Social networking features into it. Keeping this in mind the only thing that can be done is integrating this feature into an entry level or mid level phone. Facebook has done just that by joining there hands with MediaTek. This is an attempt to make the affordable phones social enabling the users to stay in touch irrespective of the time and place.

MediaTek is the worldwide provider of system-on-a-chip chip solution for electronic devices like DVD players, optical storage, etc. The company was founded on May 28, 1997 and is located in Taiwan. During the years MediaTek has earned the second position in the whole world when it comes to semiconductor manufacture and design of mobile phone chipsets. The company has received many awards including the National Telecom award of 2011 and the Boldness in business award in the year 2010.

What the partnership of MediaTek and Facebook means is that Facebook will come integrated with MediaTek’s mobile platform applications. By doing this the users will be able to use Facebook through mobile devices that are available for the mid and entry level price. The MediaTek’s mobile platform solutions are intending to introduce devices which are powered by MediaTek runtime environment.

The company’s own run time environment will ensure a complete social networking experience like the one you get from a normal computer or laptop. The syncing as well as the quick upload features will be offered in future phones. MediaTek has already made partnership with Indian mobile phone giants like Micromax and Spice to manufacture phones with this type of social networking capabilities.

The devices will be feature rich as well as cost effective. By marketing the phones at a lower price the company is targeting the mass customers and this marketing strategy can be very effective when it comes to a country like India.

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