Chota Ustad iV192 budget cellphones from IVK

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Chota Ustad iV192 budget cellphones from IVK

SICT Mobiles, the recent entrant into the Indian handset market with an eye for the masses, has decided to take into consideration the needs of common users who may crave feature-rich handsets but can’t quite afford them. The aptly named Chota Ustad iV192 is SICT’s answer to the dreams of the masses.

This dual-SIM and dual band phone is rich in features with entertainment big on the mind as well as seen by the wireless FM, dedicated FM key and large speakers. Chota Ustad iV192 also offers Bluetooth A2DP so users can experience great music on the attached Bluetooth headset. All major audio formats are supported including AMR, MIDI, WAV and the common MP3. There is also the 3GP support offered for the video player that provides 20 fps playback.

Safety has been taken into consideration too, with the feature called Call Connect Notice protecting the user from radiation. Unwanted calls can be blocked with the Black list feature.

A camera is no longer a big deal, and Chota Ustad iV192 has one too, a 1.3-megapixel one. The inbuilt torch is a regular mobile phone feature too and you’ll find that here. Other examples of innovation are a key that helps switching off the LCD on the device, and a dual charging port.

Connectivity is all-important for a mobile handset and Chota Ustad comes with a USB cable. The aforementioned Bluetooth connectivity also helps sharing pictures, videos and songs. There is also the 16GB external memory that can be added through MicroSD card slot to ensure the feature-rich handset truly caters to all your functions.

SICT has also equipped the Chota Ustad with a security arrangement built in that helps you protect your multimedia, phone book entries and messages. Let’s not forget the battery – Chota Ustad has a 1450 mAh battery that offers up to 10 hours of talk time.

The handset looks stunning too, with a black and grey body livened up by the thick metallic red line running along the sides. At the front, the main menu and navigation key are in a metallic shade of red too as are the “call” and “end” buttons on either side. You might have wanted it to be extra slim too, and yes, it would have been nice if a super slim bar form factor characterized the handset body, but this intelligent and striking colour scheme does the trick. The 2-inch display is cool too.

We know SICT Chota Ustad iV192 is stylish and feature-rich, and we know it’s cost-effective too, because that has been the expressed desire of SICT in launching this product. But more details have yet to be released including the exact price which is yet to be revealed.

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