Dell And Baidu Team Up For Smartphone

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Dell And Baidu Team Up For Smartphone
Dell and Baidu will now team up to bring out some of the best tablets and smart phones, the world market has ever seen. Dell and the top search engine of China, Baidu has plans to join hands together to develop tablet computers and smart phones. China is a home to more than 900 million mobile phone subscribers and its one of the fastest growing market for tablets, smart phones and similar high end gadgets. The news is definitely irritation for some of the major players in the market like Apple. It will be in early November when the devices will be launched. However, the computer giant hesitated to give out any related information regarding such reports of the open sources.

It was last week when top search engine of China launched a new mobile application platform. They gave a clue that their new operating systems will feature a similar application which will be very useful for the smart phone and tablet users who depends more on mobile computing. The officials of the company said that the company ad tie ups long before with ell and similar other manufacturers and declined to comment any thing about the new tie up.

Thus, it is some how a confirmed fact that the upcoming Dell devices would feature a Baidu OS in it. In China, Alibaba had introduced a Aliyun OS based K-Touch W700 phones supported by services that are mostly based on cloud computing, and that too, specially for China region. The phone can be seen in the shops very soon, maybe any time this month. The handset was a combined effort of Alibaba and Yahoo. So the new teaming up of Dell and top search engine of China can be considered as a challenge to them. And the handsets and tablets thus released by the combine are sure to pose a threat to their business in China. But Dell has more innovative plans for their new gadgets. The company will be releasing their tablets and smart phones in other countries also and thus popularising them in the global market. At present the market in china is under the domination of Apple and Lenovo as well. Though released in the world market, the team will mainly concentrate on bringing down the early said team ups of mentioned brands and thus establish a major market share for the company in China. But again, it will be a tough competition with the other brands already working on solutions for such future threats.

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