Did You Know: Nexus 6 Offers Hidden Full RGB LED Notification Light?

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Google's new Nexus 6 handset is a revelation in terms of the tech implemented and the looks that define it. And although the handset has arrived with a host of specs that are best suited for a phone of this caliber, it's also interesting to find that the device has a few hidden things inside.

For instance, according to reports, the newest Android smartphone in the Nexus series comes with a hidden LED notification light. Spotted first via Droid-Life, this newly discovered LED is hidden under the top speaker grill. This is a rather odd position.

Did You Know: Nexus 6 Offers Hidden Full RGB LED Notification Light?

"Thanks to some digging by owners of the device and the help of the developer behind Lightflow, it is possible to enable and use this hidden feature that Google and Motorola decided to disable out of the box," the Droid-Life report states.

However, while the LED light is hidden, there are ways by which you can actually bring it into contention. To enable the LED offering on the Nexus 6, you will need to have a rooted phone. Following that, you can dig into a set of instructions posted by the Lightflow dev. Once you have your device rooted, it shouldn't be an issue.

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For the time being, Lightflow devs are the only ones actually trying to adjust their Android application so that it can make full use of the newly discovered LED notification LED in the Nexus 6.

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