Emporia RL1 an exclusive phone for old buddies

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Emporia RL1 an exclusive phone for old buddies

Emporia is one of the upcoming companies in the mobile industry. The company has come up with some products in the recent past with some fresh design and admiring features. It was in 1991 the company established, from that time till now it is in a rapidly growing phase and has also achieved many milestones.The latest product from Emporia is known as Emporia RL1. According to the company the product has been exclusively designed for the old people.

Even though it comes with some basic features and specifications, there are lots to be admired for.The specialty of Emporia RL1 is that it has been particularly designed with keys which are of bigger size. This will help the old people to have clear vision of the keypad and will also help them to type very easily and comfortably.

The numbers are also clearly visible as compared to any other gadget. Moreover there are dedicated keys which will help the user to enlarge the size of the letters in the screen. That mean you can adjust the size of the letters seen in the screen according to your convenience and vision.

The icons which indicate keypad lock and alarm are also clearer so that it will help the people to know whether the keypad is locked or the alarm is on. As far as the display is concerned it is of OLED display which is also enriched with LED flashlight. Moreover it also comes along with a nice docking station which the user will love to have.

Even though the screen size is just of 1.8 inches, since you have the font enlarging option it does not make much difference. Yes, you can place the phone on the dock and set the alarm. And most surprising part is the battery in Emporia RL1 which ensures long life for the handset, so that the user will not be bothered for charging the handset every now and then.

The box piece comes along with a charger. Well, you can also fit Emporia RL1 with car charger and you also have the hands free option. Overall the handset is a perfect choice for old aged people as well as for youngster who prefer larger keypad with enough space in between each keys so that they could have convenient and faster typing experience.

As far as price of Emporia RL1 is concern, there is no information available at present. But, it is expected that the pricing strategy followed by the company for Emporia RL1 will be acceptable for everyone.

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