'Eye Camera' Helpful For Nature Lovers

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'Eye Camera' Helpful For Nature Lovers
Nature lovers who love to capture the detailed moments of their hobby have now found a better device that can actually make it more interesting. In Chicago, the US experts have brought about a wider range of technology with a camera. This eye camera as you would call it is amazing as it is in the shape of an eye and by using standard sensor materials this eye camera could be the next improvement to that of the digital cameras and even so enhancing the imaging of the human body.

Apart from capturing beautiful moments, this digital camera is so wonderful that it can lead to the development of prosthetic devices which included a bionic eye. According to sources related to this digital camera, they say that it is the first time a camera is used on a curve surface to make it look exactly like that of a human eye. The digital camera or the eye camera has the perfect shape of a human eye and it is also said that this eye camera improves the field of vision thus bringing the whole picture into focus.

In a normal digital camera, the middle of the picture seems to be crystal clear whereas the sides are not but when compared to the eye camera one would be glad to see that the whole picture is perfectly clear. The reason being that the curved technology makes the entire captured picture clear.

As per reports this device used in the camera can also be used as an artificial retina or a bionic eye for a human eye.

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