10 best uses of Google Tango enabled phones

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Search engine giant Google announced Project Tango around 2014 with an aim to get mobile phones and tablets to see the way we see.

10 best uses of Google Tango enabled phones

This Tango tech allows a device to build up an accurate 3D model of its immediate surroundings with a powerful suite of software and sensors. As of now, this technology is available in Lenovo Phab 2 Pro and Asus Zenfone 3 AR. Today, we have jotted down the list of 10 uses of Tango-based phones.

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WayfairView uses AR tech to help you visualize to place real products in your house. This app also allows you to check the scale of products, see how items match your current decor, rearrange the furniture in your space, and save or share photos. It has a number of different items you can check out, and also search for the specific object as well.

Dinosaurs Among Us

This app brings you virtual dinosaur models including the Archaeopteryx, Velociraptor, and other dinosaurs from the Museum's Dinosaurs Among Us exhibition through Tango devices. Moreover, this app uses the sensors on the smartphone for depth sensing and places the 3D models of dinosaurs.

Solar Simulator

With this app, you can walk among the planets using augmented reality. In this app, you place the sun at one end of a space in the real world and then you are instructed to walk to the farthest end of the enclosed space to place Neptune. Tapping on any planet takes you into the Planet Mode, where get the details about the planet, including the distance, speed from the planet and much more.



Tango Vertigo

This app makes use of integrated depth sensing and motion tracking to reveal an underground world in front of the user that may be observed from all angles. The user can touch and drag to re-locate the virtual world as well as pinch to zoom.

Wally Virtual Notes

This app that will let you place virtual notes around your house. With this app, users can create, edit, view and delete Virtual notes. Unless you delete them, it will be there in the same place where you pasted it.


With this app, users can place holograms of famous people right inside your living room. There are lots of options including Clinton, Trump and much more available. It also provides various props to make the scene more realistic. It has three different packs -- Sports Pack, Election Pack, and Holiday Pack.


This app will be useful for those who are in architects, redecorators, interior designing fields. It has the ability to create floor plans and measures the rooms and draws floor plans just by taking pictures. ou can pay to get your plan in PDF, JPG, PNG, SVG, DXF, and CSV formats.

Matterport Scenes

With this app, you can capture real-life scenes in digital 3D by scanning it before hand. Moreover, you can access all the measurements you need, measure any point-to-point dimension or use 3D trim to crop objects of interest.

Lowe’s Vision

This app will help you visualize how the furniture and other products will look inside your house with the help of AR technology using Tango sensors. Lowe's Vision allows you to save all your measurements, product lists, and photos and share them via email.


This app is used to create art from data, where it captures the world in 3D with the cameras and then apply a number of filters to transform your video recordings to digital artwork. There are lots of filters including -- confetti, glowing stars, bubbles, and a lot more.

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