10 dire smartphone-related deaths

Smartphones prove to be dangerous.


Casualty due to selfies is something that is not new. From time to time, you might stumble upon death incidents caused due to clicking selfies in unfriendly scenarios.

10 dire smartphone-related deaths


The NSC estimates obtained from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that a significant percentage of drivers take take their mobile while driving. Those who talk over the phone while they are behind the wheel are likely to crash four times more than those who are not using their mobiles. Not only phone calls but also checking on social media updates, clicking selfies, checking mails, etc.

On the whole, it is said that the phone-related accidents are increasing in number. Talking about phone-related accidents, how can we forget the injuries caused due to phone explosions, electrocution, selfie stunts, etc. Here, we have come up with some of the dire deaths caused due to smartphones.

Woman’s 3 kids drown as she is busy with her phone

Children need protection from parents when they are in danger. Here is a case of negligence as a woman named Patricia Allen took three of her five kids aged 9, 10, and 11 to the swimming pool in her apartment complex. In a horrific tragedy, the three kids drowned and Allen was just by the poolside looking down at her phone during the whole incident.

Girl electrocuted while looking for the ultimate seflie

18-year old Anna Ursu from Romania was engrossed in selfies. In an attempt to click the perfect selfie, Anna and her friend decided to take photos at a train yard. They climbed atop a train car while Ursu grabbed a live wire on top of the train car to click a selfie. She was immediately electrocuted and burst into flames.

Woman ran into a blaze to save her phone

Woman ran into a blaze to save her phone

Have you heard of someone who ran into a blazing house despite being fortunate for a narrow escape. Wendy Rybolt of Illinois and her teen daughter had a narrow escape after her home caught fire. They were lucky to get out without any injuries, but Rybolt ran back inside to save her phone. The second time, she was not fortunate to escape.

Man enters trash compactor to get back his phone

In 2013, Roger Mirro told his neighbor that he accidentally dropped his phone in the trash chute of the building. He asked for the key to the trash room to recover his phone, but he has used a ladder to go atop the trash compactor to get his phone.


Woman knocked down while crossing the street

A woman in China was crossing the street casually. She was looking down at her mobile while crossing the street when a large truck knocked her down from behind. Another truck that came in the opposite lane crushed her instantly and she was killed.

Man electrocuted to death

Despite the many warnings not to answer calls when the phone is connected to the charger, people hardly follow it. Sunil Yuvne of Madhya Pradesh was electrocuted while listening to music on his cell phone that was connected to the charger. 

Student killed in a road crash

19-year old Missouri man was texting and driving along the highway. He suddenly rammed his pickup truck to the back of a semitruck that caused the school bus behind him to bump into his trick. Another school bus was also involved in the chain collision resulting in the death of the driver of the pickup truck and a student aged 15.

iPhone's tracking feature proved to be deadly

In February 2016, a 23-year-old man in Alabama lost his iPhone. Using the tracking app on his phone, he got to know that the phone was active and where it was too. Using the tracking app, he forced his phone to ring and heard it inside the car next to him. He was then going to retrieve the phone when a man shot and killed him.

Man electrocuted by phone

Mohamad Adam, a 41-year-old Indonesian is a victim of electrocution due to a charging smartphone. He was found dead leaning against a wall and holding his charging smartphone in his hand. 

Phone explodes killing owner

If you thought smartphones are the only ones that can explode, then you are wrong. In 2010, Gopal Gujjar, an Indian using a popular Nokia feature phone was herding his cattle in field and talking over the phone. The phone suddenly exploded while he was holding it close to his ear, thereby killing him.

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