10 iPhone features Android users don't get to use

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Android or iPhone? This is the never ending debate that's going on for years. Both have their own loyal fanbase as well!

10 iPhone features Android users don't get to use

In terms of feature, both the platform shares more or less the same features, but there are some that only the iPhone can do and that an Android user can only dream off. Today, we have compiled a list of 20 things that only iPhone users can do.

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This is one of the best features that iOS can have. The AirDrop makes sharing much easier between iPhone users. This is the built-in service that can let users share files, photos, and links easily and conveniently. Moreover, you can also transfer content to another iPhone or to your Mac.

Say No to bloatware

Unlike some Android phones, Apple tries to minimize the bloatware crowding the screen. With iOS 10, there are options to disable or hide the apps as well.

Retina display

Apple devices use this type of display from 2011 iPhone 4s to present day iPhones. This has been the major selling points for the iPhone till now.

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Live photos

This Live Photos feature creates a moving image and brings it to life. It involves the technique where it captures moments during, before, and after you take a picture. You can do this by long pressing the screen to capture the live photo.

Faster updates

Compared to Android, iOS devices get faster updates even for the older devices. In the case of Android, you may have to opt for a new smartphone to get the latest software, where most of the phone doesn't get updates at all.

3D touch

This technology lets the users complete work quickly rather than opening the applications and closing it. To do it, the user needs to simply press the app icon, select a quick action, and then wait for the app to get launched with the chosen quick action message.


Accessing Safari browser is tough when it comes to Android. This browser made its way to iPhone in 2007. Among various Internet browsers, this one performs smoothly, is fast enough, and easy to use. Also, it gets faster with updates as well.

Gets the best app first

Even though it has small market compared to Android, developers still make the best apps for iOS first. Even though you find the same apps on Android, the UI, features, and designs will be good and flawless in iPhones.


This is the app when you want to video chat with your friends or family members. This built-in feature allows Apple users to video chat or easily switch from a regular phone call to a video call. This works both on Wi-Fi and cellular connection. If suppose the coverage is poor, it automatically changes the video chat into audio.

Apple Pay

Even though it is not available in India, Apple Pay is considered to be the most popular method for making mobile payments. If in case you travel abroad with iPhone, you can just make payments by bringing it to the payment terminal, confirm your authentication by placing the finger Touch ID, and you're done.

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