10 situations when you shouldn't use your smartphone


    There are some preliminary measures while operating any handset. These routine follow-ups are meant for a user's safety. Whenever you carry a phone- you should avoid using it while driving. This is the most concerning thing, which users have to follow. Use of phones while studying will definitely bring hinder to your attention- making you feel lesser motivated for studies.

    10 situations when you shouldn't use your smartphone


    Some minor but other issues are also equally important. Like- avoid using the phones while cooking else your delicious food might get burned, ignore being stuck with phones for hell lot of time or else your work assessments might get badly affected and as a result, you can face termination call from the top officials of the firm.

    Since you are an intelligent breed, you would definitely not entertain to operate handsets while bathing. Stop operating while staying at the bus stop. There is some more awareness which has to be dealt while using the handsets. We have mentioned the detailed awareness below. Just take a look.

    While Driving Car or Riding Bike

    This is the major and concerning threat, which when in avoidance might cost your lives. While riding, put your device in either drive or bike mode so that you won't be interrupted with calls or messages. Importantly, think of family while getting indulged with calls.

    While Studying

    Studies are the most vital activity for having a bright career aspect. One with complete ignorance or with mixed engagement due to devices might result in nowhere. It is quite obvious due to lack of concentration, you won't be able to crack competitive exams. So, keep yourself distanced when you have set out some goals.

    While Cooking

    While Cooking

    It will be a flop idea when you have guests at home and you are involved in phone calls- amidst cooking. As a result, there might be imbalance proportions in terms of salt and pepper in the dish which might make embarrass before the guests. Keep your device away and keep cent percent focus, while cooking.

    While working

    If you don't want to lose a job or face worst humiliation before employees or top officials then just keep aside you handset while executing some important tasks. Once the work is done, you can proudly and comfortably get tangled with devices.

    While Bathing

    You can be a good bathroom singer while bathing but would be an over smart- while operating devices in the middle of the shower. So, think safely and wisely before getting involved with phones in a shower.

    In cinema hall

    Just imagine a situation in a cinema hall where all the curious eyes are set over a suspenseful and mystery thriller flick, and in the middle, you get a call. Without any delay, you pick up the phone and starts a conversation. Imagine the awkward situation where all other viewers might argue with you and make a security complaint. You might be sent out of the theater. So either take the calls outside or take later once you have watched the film.

    While Waiting for Bus

    It would a sickening moment when you are busy on phone calls, and you happen to miss the bus. Then you realize you have to wait for another half an hour to catch a bus. So act wisely, and board the bus first as a first-cum-first priority.

    Traveling in Flight

    While traveling in a flight, you need to follow instructions of cabin crews and immediately turn your devices either switched off or in flight mode. Otherwise, the radiation or frequency might defunct flight electronic components. Secondly, you might be punished for irresponsible behavior.

    While crossing the road

    While walking on the road, put your handset in the pocket and avoid listening to music also. This will help you to focus while walking. Henceforth, you can look all around carefully with the sound of vehicles coming from all around and eventually you can comfortably cross the road. Failing which, you might come across a severe accident.


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