10 Things you need to know about FBI vs Apple controversy

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The FBI asked for Apple to unlock iPhones used by terrorists involved in a major attack carried out in California. Apple initially relented and criticized the move, saying it will not be unlocking the phones.

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Apple was mired in controversy about the unlocking of iPhones requested by FBI. In the midst, Apple found both supporters as well as people who did not approve the move. Eventually, Apple agreed.

Lets look at 10 things you should know about the Apple vs FBI Controversy

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The Phone belongs to one of the attackers who killed 14 people in San Bernardino, California, in December 2015.


The FBI wants apple to develop a software that will allow it to unlock these phones that belong to the killers


Tim Cook, CEO of Apple relented to all requests made by FBI saying that it is unethical and that Apple cares for user privacy and will not comply with Government request.


Tim Cook Found Support in Sundar Pichai, who supported the move saying that it sets a wrong precendent to hack the phones of users. Tim Cook also found Support from Mark Zuckerberg whos said that he supports Apple and not FBI.


Bill Gates criticized the move made by Apple, saying that Apple should comply with law enforcement agencies and government as such a request is made on a valid basis.


Apple has appealed in Court against the order of the FBI saying that it sets really a very wrong precedent.


Apple has provided information about the details it already has, but the government has sought further details regarding the iphones of terrorists involved in the San Bernardino attack.


FBI wants a backdoor access to the Apple iPhones belonging to terrorists and wants Apple to create a backdoor entry to have access to all data. FBI wants data and history on the phones between October 19th to December 2nd. A relevant time, that terrorists interacted with each other.


Both parties are right in their own way. While FBI wants access to accounts of terrorists, Apple on the other hand wants to protect user Privacy.


Its hard to say, but brand Apple can take a beating from what it looks like. However, Apple has retracted on its decision with Tim Cook calling it "hard" but "right".

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