10 things your smartphone can do that your PC can't!

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Computers and Mobile phones are here to stay and coexist. While Desktop PC's and Laptops are meant for different purpose, the mobile phone is a more personal gadget. The Mobile phone has certain features that a Desktop computer doesn't.

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The mobile phone can be used for several things and the usefulness can outnumber sometimes what your PC can. It doesn't mean that the PC can't do those things, just that the Mobile does it better.

We look at 10 things that a smartphone can do that a PC can't :

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Mobile Applications


Prior to Windows 8 there really were no application on Computers that run Windows. Applications are home to Android and iOS and are very easy to download and use. You can search for any application and use it for one particular purpose.

Safety and security


The best part about Android and iOS devices is safety and security. Laptops and Desktops are more vulnerable to virus attacks. 

Making Calls


You can't make calls on your Computer, the way in which you can using your Mobile phones.



Unlike a Desktop Computer or Laptop that can be used and accessed by Several people, the Mobile phone offers great personalisation. It is your device and is used only by you.

Mobile Wallets


While you can definitely use Mobile Wallets on your Desktop, mobile wallets were made for mobile phones. Mobile wallets on mobile phones can be used to pay for a variety of things like mobile recharges, utility bills, etc.

Use as a Remote Control


Using mobile applications, you can control several devices. For example by pairing a mobile device with a compatible device, you can control that device. This goes for home appliances like TV, fridge and a host of other devices.



You can definitely take selfies on your web cam, but you can't take selfies wherever you want the way you can take selfies on your smartphone.

Portable Device


The Mobile phone remains a highly portable device unlike a Desktop or Laptop computer.

No Fuss and Less hassle


You Smartphone comes loaded with Android or iOS OS. So you don't have to take the hassle of installing any operating system on your phone unlike Desktop devices or laptops where you may have to install a Windows OS.

All in one device


The Mobile phone remains a All-in-One Device. You can call, message, use e-mail and use your mobile phone as an entertainment device and that too all in your pocket.

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