10 Ways iOS 9 Will Change Apple iPhone 6s Experience

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Apple iPhone 6s is the most advanced iPhones ever, by adding a new dimensions to the iPhone's revolutionary Muli-Touch interface and 3D Touch.

The iPhone 6s runs on the latest iOS 9 operating system, which brings in major improvements and exciting features. Apple new iOS updates refines the company's vision of mobile computing. The new iOS's biggest focus is on pro-activity, allowing iPhone to learn user habits.

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Here are few features that will change the performance of the iPhone 6s. Read on to know more.

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Longer battery life

Apple iPhone 6s

Many iPhone 6s users worry about the battery life of the smartphone. If your iPhone 6s battery life is poor and it is draining too quickly. However, iOS 9 came with a new low-power mode, that extends battery life by up to three hours. Here is how to increase the battery life of the iPhone 6s.

Lower-case letters

Apple iPhone 6s

Apple has finally included the lower-case letters for it onscreen keyboard in the iOS 9. Now, the lower-case letters shows up on keyboard, hit the shift button for upper-case letters.

Notes App

Apple iPhone 6s

Apple has added a new app, that has the abilities similar to the Evernote to sync your notes with iCloud. Now, you can sketch in Notes using a finger and also ability to add a photo.


Apple iPhone 6s

Apple has made some great improvements to its Photos app. It has included the ability to create new folder within the app. In iOS 9, the Photos app automatically creates separate folders selfie, camera and screenshots, making it easier to navigate for a specific image.


Apple iPhone 6s

Apple is aimed to provide better security with the Apple ID to protect personal information like photos, documents, messages, emails and much more in the iOS 9. For extra passcodes are now six digits instead of four.


Apple iPhone 6s

You can access the new Search screen from any home screen on iOS 9 and it is better than Spotlight on iOS 8. You can search for Sports scores, weather, stock prices, do calculations and quick call or message contacts without using Siri.

Apple Wallet

Apple iPhone 6s

Apple has removed Passport app in the iOS 9 and came up with a new app called as Wallet. The app can keep all your loyalty cards, gift cards, credit and debit card information.

Deck of apps

Apple iPhone 6s

Back to App is a much awaited feature to switch back app. Now, when you switch apps, there will be a button at the top left corner, which will take you back to the app that you were using.

Improved Siri

Apple iPhone 6s

Apple announced the enhanced Siri application for the iOS 9 along with a new UI. Now Siri comes with a Google Now like 'Proactive Assistant' that keeps track what you are doing. The new Siri assistant picks up things with your daily activity. If you are listening to music while you exercise, then Siri will play some tunes as soon as you plug in headphones.

iCloud Drive

Apple iPhone 6s

The new iCloud Drive app now comes with pre-installed in the iOS 9. The app allows user to access any files saved to iCloud including search within the app and find the files by searching date, name or any tags as added on the Mac.

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