18 things you probably didn't know your smartphone could do


    A smartphone is considered as a versatile genius, considering plenty of different undertakings which it incorporates under the effective control of a user. Smartphones now not only constrict to alarms, clock time, camera or battery backup- but also to highly advanced fingerprint sensor(in/rear mounted), advanced processor, highly upgraded version of OS, and many more. There are some more interesting things which your smartphone could do.

    18 things you probably didn't know your smartphone could do


    These sophisticated devices have become a part of human lives. With these devices, you can comfortably monitor your living style. Like you can know about news/weather, heartbeat, flight status, etc. There's no such a thing which a device can't execute. In fact, for every single private information, users look up to their phones.

    The reason is simple as they get complete access anywhere or anytime whenever they find necessary. These handsets still can undertake plenty of other activities which you might not have realized. Below we have shared a list of some amazing sub-headings, which will make you realize how important your device could be.


    By using phones, you can get tuned to news anytime. You can either install a couple of news apps or look for it by directly using Google. Also, you can easily forecast weather reports with handsets. You can even know about weather conditions in foreign countries.

    Monitor Your Heart Rate

    It's hard to find how much healthy your heart might be. To know this, you keep rushing to doctors or a cardiologist which ultimately wastes your crucial time. Now such a scenario is easy as you can monitor your heart health with the help of a phone. You can simply install the related app, and keep an eye on your heart.

    Find Out What Flights Are Flying Over You

    Find Out What Flights Are Flying Over You

    Install any suitable flight related apps or check directly using Google about the flights which are flying over you. Even you can know about flight status and other flight-related information with such kind of apps.

    Charge It Faster

    Smartphones now not only support a massive battery backup for your long lasting shows but to keep refilling the drained out battery in a shorter time- these batteries feature fast charging technology also. So, you can easily recharge your battery again and again with the help of such spec.

    Start Your Car

    You can even start the engine of your car using a smartphone. If at all you are stuck in the middle of nowhere by losing care keys, you can utilize valuable Google information or get tuned to supported car features on your phones- and eventually kick start your car.

    Close Multiple Apps at Once

    If your device gets slowed down, simply press the left button to the home one- and tap close all button. In flash of seconds, all these apps will be closed, which ultimately can prevent your handset from getting sluggish.

    Measure Your Blood Alcohol Content

    Some users find it too difficult to keep a track on their blood alcohol content in their body. But even this problem is greatly eased with the help of a device. Just install the related apps and get a better outlook of your health status. While some premium devices come preloaded with such kind of featured app that can comfortably measure your alcohol content.

    Sleep Better By Enabling Grayscale

    Switch color filters on and select Grayscale. Once the color is changed to Gray, the light emitted by your phone gets very dimmed and due to which you can comfortably sleep for longer hours. Also, with gray light, you can perform any multitasking in the dark night hours without having pressure on your eyes.

    Help You Hang a Picture Straight

    A smartphone is an all-rounder and this fact is taken into consideration only due to the fact that your devices can also help you with hanging a picture straight. You can keep clicking images of a hanging picture and plan accordingly.

    Create Text and Emoji Shortcuts

    You can create text and Emoji shortcuts just to avoid following long steps to execute your favorite task. Just form any suitable symbol and get easy access to emoji and the texts. Besides, you can also create other shortcuts of your different apps by using phones.

    Power On Your Lights

    If you're stuck on darkness, you can switch on the torch lights of your phone and comfortably mind the gap while walking or riding a vehicle. Or you can use a camera to power up lights and remove the darkness.

    Keep You Safe While Walking Home

    Just use safe walking mode, present on board the device and you can comfortably follow any course. The plus benefit you get is- so long you keep walking on the busy streets or road, you won't get affected by any calls or texts, marking safety as your concerns.

    Play Your Favorite Show on Your TV

    You can make sync with your TV by using certain key features of your phone, and get tuned to favorite programs. This very special feature makes your device a real kick-ass, highlighting its multi-utility approach.

    Check the Batteries on Your Remote

    With phones, you can check the batteries on your phone. This special quality sounds very useful when you watch any of your favorite show and find that the remote is sluggish- whatever you press on a remote, the key doesn't show on the screen- then it's due to the phone that you can know if the battery of remote is drained out or not.

    Diagnose Your Car Troubles

    Even car troubles can easily be diagnosed by using smartphones. There are certain features or certain apps that can help you tackle such a problem. So, don't worry about the problems and get over it by utilizing your handset.

    Search Photos By Category

    Just type a suitable or search related file on your phone and get the desired photos whatever or wherever you have saved. This looks like a miracle, but trust me smartphones are capable of such execution.

    Create Custom Vibrations

    Even custom vibrations can easily be created by using devices. Just follow the procedures or steps and work accordingly. With the help of vibrations, you will be in a state where you won't miss any important call. The buzzing vibrating sound will make you available for any call or text.

    Scan QR Codes Without an App

    Some smartphones come with QR codes features, which you can utilize while purchasing any trademarked product. Also, if you are making e-cash transaction using Phonepay, Paytm, etc. you can comfortably do while scanning QR codes of such payment systems.


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