4 simple tricks for recording amazing videos with your Apple iPhone

You can’t go wrong with these neat tricks.

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Smartphone camera's, particularly the ones on Apple iPhones have become more than capable now. In fact, they are giving the entry-level DSLR cameras a run for their money.

4 simple tricks for recording amazing videos with your Apple iPhone

However, having a high-specced and equally capable camera (on a smartphone, iPhone notably) doesn't necessarily produce the best of results, be it photography or videography. There are a few things which should be taken care of to record those amazing videos you intend to record.

Usually, you'll get to know these little things (which have a huge impact on the final results) with time and with the experience you gain by practicing frequently. Nevertheless, now that we are here you don't have to worry about anything.

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In this article, we will discuss a few tricks which if practiced, will have a great impact on the end results. So, buckle up and pay attention to each and every tip.

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Light is the soul of your videos, take care of it

One of the most important aspects of photography is the lighting conditions. When they said "lighting makes or breaks every photo," they were not kidding. In fact, light is a photographer's tool which, if used correctly, can produce amazing results. And videography is no different. Proper lighting conditions are as much important in videography as they are in photography.

Record videos in ideal lighting conditions. Usually, one can find enough light during the early hours of the day or in the evenings, you know, just when the sun starts to set. Also, avoid shooting against the light unless you know what you are up to. That said, don't just simply point your iPhone camera at a brightly lit subject and start shooting a video, more often than not you'll end up with the overexposed footage.

Focus on the subject correctly and choose ideal lighting conditions before you start shooting.

We are telling you again choose proper lighting conditions. Because smartphone cameras usually have small sensors and can't let so much light in. So, take care of it.


Get close to your subject

If possible, try to be as close to the subject as you can be to avoid digital zoom (unless you want things to be otherwise). Unlike DSLRs, smartphone cameras use digital zoom as opposed to optical zoom. And usually, digital zoom results in the loss of image quality (and adds that unnecessary noise) as the magnification happens electronically rather than due to the movement of the lens (which again, is usually the case with DSLRs).

So, get closer to your subject while recording videos.


Play with the camera settings and be prepared for the shoot

Okay, this is one of the first things you should be doing before recording a video. Play with the camera settings, check out different modes and various filters available and select the ones you like before you start shooting videos.

Also, be prepared for the shoot. A few little things like putting your phone in airplane mode. Nothing can be as annoying as receiving a voice call when you are halfway through recording your video, for instance. Moreover, check if you have enough storage space before starting the shoot. These are a few minute details people tend to ignore more often.


Stop shooting videos in portrait mode already

Do yourself a favor and stop shooting videos in portrait mode already. We just can't get why people record videos vertically. Like, do you (really) enjoy watching a video with that black, vertical empty space around?

We tell you again, shoot videos in the landscape mode only. The added advantage of shutting videos in landscape mode is that they will look better if viewed on a big screen. And of course, you'll be able to capture more space in the video.

Also, take care of the framing part. Trust us; proper framing can help you get great results. Try to fill the frame with the subject and remember, stay close to the subject.

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