5 Accessibility Features on your Android Phone that you should know

    The Android Smartphones have a number of accessibility features for those have problems with vision or those who cannot hear. However, several of these features are being used by normal people as some of them are great features that can be used by almost anybody and not necessarily by those having disabilities.

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    The Accessibility features are a great hit and an added advantage of Android devices that make them better. While the UI of the Accessibility features varies from device to device, the functions remain the same. This is across all Android devices, whether you are using the latest version of Android or using older versions. Wherever, these features are not there, they can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Here are five Accessibility features on Android that could be used by just anybody to make the best of your smartphone.


    Text to speech is an amazing accessibility feature. Google has its text to speech default for Android OS. The feature is available in several languages apart from English. You can also select the speech rate and speed. This is particularly helpful for reading out text from E-books.If your phone does not have Text to Speech, you can install it from the Google Play Store. 


    The Auto Rotation feature can be useful to customize your phone. The Auto-rotation feature helps your to switch between Portrait and landscape mode on your screen. If you are listening to a song, you can switch to portrait mode, while for Videos you can switch to Landscape mode. This could be changed to suit your needs.

    Magnification Gesture

    The Magnification feature is useful even for people without disability. The magnification feature is a great feature and be helpful wherever required. When magnification gestures are enabled, you can magnify, pan, and zoom.Triple-tap for magnification works everywhere except the keyboard and navigation bar.

    Large Text

    The large text setting increases the text size on your device to the largest available.Large Text tool allows one to make the the text larger than the usual font on Android Smartphones. This is particularly useful for seeing text that is small.It can also help you access a Desktop Site on your mobile. 

    Touch and Hold Delay

    The Touch and Hold delay feature will help you to customize the Touch Screen sensitiveness of your smartphone to suit your touch sensitivity. This is useful for people who need shorter time to touch, while if others will require longer time to touch the screens. It is also called as "Long Press". Many times, touch and hold lets you take action on something on your screen.

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