5 best Firewall apps for non-rooted Android devices

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With the inception of Reliance Jio 4G and other cheap Internet packs, we access Internet almost every day. While some websites are secure, some are not! Unknowingly, we might visit some websites that might have some malicious threats and we tend to download software contains the virus.

5 best Firewall apps for non-rooted Android devices

In this case, Firewall is the only option to protect your mobile from other threats. The best firewall apps for Android are not as robust as the ones found in PCs, but they do their jobs well.So today we have come up with the list of 5 firewall apps that you can install in your mobile.

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NoRoot Firewall

This is one of the best firewall apps that help you control the internet access for the apps on your Android. While we install apps, this one keeps a check on the data access for all the apps on your device. This app creates a VPN which diverts all the traffic on your mobile which directs you to choose what to allow and what not to. Additionally, this allows you to set up filters, both globally and for individual apps.

Net Guard

This is a simple yet effective way to block Internet access on your device. However, you don't even need access to block off malicious websites from the device and the address and applications can be configured for access on the Android device. Moreover, this app can help you in blocking the system applications from accessing the Internet.


This specific app helps you to save the data, battery and much more things while you are connected to the Internet. Having said that, this application allows you to block or allow the internet access only to the specific application. Moreover, you also get alerts when a new app tries to access the internet.

DroidWall – Android Firewall

This one of the oldest app available on the Google Play Store now. It has the interface of old school Gingerbread still works to its full potential. It requires root access and allows you to manually define custom IP tables rules giving you the control over your device.

LostNet NoRoot Firewall

This app is effective when it comes to stopping the communication with Internet. It lets you control the internet access for all the apps based on country/region and block all background activities of the apps on your Android. It also monitors the amount of internet data is consumed by your apps and block ads network and remove traffic to networks.

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