This is Why You Should Not Sleep with a Cell Phone Under Your Pillow..

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The Phone is a communication device. Smartphones are even more advanced today and have become an integral part of our lives. We are often tied to our smartphones and we end up tying our smartphones even when we go to sleep. There are considerable health hazards of sleeping with your phone near to your pillow or under it.

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Lets look at five facts that you must consider if you put your Phone in your bedside

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It could burn your Pillow

This seems unlikely, but there have been instances where pillows got burnt because of Mobile Phones. A word of caution here.

Go to Sleep

It could effect your sleep

Do not have a disturbed sleep at the cost of notifications from Social media or messenger services. Its better to sleep and take rest rather than having a barrage of notifications throughout night from applications or emails that you have on your phone

It can cause Cancer

It increases the probability of Cancer

The phone always has radiations. Regardless of your phone being a high end, mid range, budget or even feature phone every phone out there is exposed to some form of radiation. The hazards of mobile radiations are to be considered. If you sleep with your phone near your head, it can have carcinogenic effects on your brain or other parts of your body.

The Chest armor

Sleeping wth Phone near your chest

Consider the harmful effects of radiations. The radiations have harmful health hazards. People have the risk of developing both Heart Attacks or even Cancer. Women are at the risk of developing breast cancer if they keep it very close to their chests. It is better to keep a distance from your phone to avoid possible health hazards.

Tik Tok

Sleeping with an Alarm Clock

Do You just Keep Your phone near you while you sleep just for Alarms. It is better to buy an Alarm Clock than using a Smartphone or app to Wake you up. Alarm Clocks too are very loud and are an affordable alternative to Mobile phones.

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