5 Possible Fixes When Your Smartphone Screen Freezes

Gone are the good old days when all you had to do is to charge it to use it. Smartphones are becoming smarter every day and not to mention their increasingly complex software and hardware.

5 Possible Fixes When Your Smartphone Screen Freezes

As a result, we assume that fixing the smartphones, if and when a problem arises is a complex affair. It's only natural to think so, but, what we are not aware of is the fact that their fixes are simple, sometimes a simple restart could work wonders.

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One of the common issues most of the smartphone users face is the occasional freezing or hanging of smartphone screen. So, the next time you face this issue try to follow the simple tricks stated below.

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Step 1: Connect your phone to a charger

Whenever a problem of this kind arises, the first thing you should do is to plug your smartphone into a power source. There's a good chance that your phone is out of battery and as a result, it won't turn on.

Step 2: Switch off your phone

Once you've left your phone to charge for a while, try turning it off. You can do this by holding the power button until the "Power Off" option shows up and tapping on it. If your phone doesn't turn off despite doing this, head to the next step.

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Step 3: Force restart your phone

If the above step fails, try to force restart your phone by holding both the Power and Volume up buttons for around 10 seconds (if this doesn't work, hold Power and Volume down buttons).

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Step 4: Remove the battery (if possible)

If you're unable to force restart your smartphone, try removing the battery from and put it back.

Step 5: Uninstall the apps that are causing this problem

You can identify which apps are causing this problem by carefully observing if your phone is freezing while you are using a particular app. If you come across any, try to uninstall the app and the problem shouldn't return unless some other app is causing the phone to freeze.

Note: If you are facing this issue regularly and are unable to identify which app is causing this problem, we recommend you to factory reset your phone.

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