5 Problems and Fixes to the Moto X Play

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Moto X Play is designed for people who like a good battery life and and a great camera. But sometimes, the phone really stops playing well. Some of the problems that the Moto X Play can encounter are easy to fix.

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The Moto X Play weighs 169 grams is 0.9mm thick. It runs android 5.1.1. The smartphone is available in storage variants of 16GB/32GB along with expandable memory.The smartphone has a 5.5" Display with 1080x1920 pixels. It has a 21MP camera and has 2GB RAM and powered by a Snapdragon 615. It runs on a 3630mAh.

Here are 5 problems that have been reported on the Moto X Play and here are the fixes.

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Google Now

'OK Google' is not working. Ok Google has been a part of Android Phones, but sometimes it doesn't work.Some users encountered a problem where the device says it can't hear your voice. This can happen as Google Now recognizes English US. So make sure in your device settings you have turned on English US as language for Google Now.also disable Moto Voice. Moto Voice is Motorola's very own personal assistant. You can keep only one personal assistant.

Phone Heats up

The Moto X Play is powered by a Snapdragon 615 chipset, which is not the fastest processor in the market. The Snapdragon 615 is more than enough if you are using the Moto X Play for everyday usage. However, if the Moto X Play has been sluggish, the reasons could be software more than hardware. Identify, which apps are creating this problem. If you have unverified apps or apps known for heating up the phone. Just uninstall.

Moto X Play is not Charging Quickly

So bought Moto X Play because it had support for Fast charging. The Device does not come with a turbo Charger. You can use your own Turbo Charger to charge the device. You can also try another cable to use to charge the Moto X Play.

Connectivity issues

Are you having issues with connecting to wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Wi-Fi connectivity seems to be a problem with Several Android Phones. However, if you are having issues with connecting your device. Just forget the Wi-Fi networks that you are connected to and re-enter the passwords. You can also forget all Devices for Bluetooth and repair the devices when you need to share files.

Not Reading MicroSD card

The problem with the Moto X Play is that it only detects microSD cards that are Class 6 or higher. It might not detect older SD cards that are compatible with regular budget phones. If you have an old SD card that is not getting detected by the phone, just transfer the data to a new microSD card that is Class 6 or more and it should work.

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