5 Rumored Features of the Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

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In 2016, Apple will release the next in its series of iPhones. While Apple continues to be tight lipped about any developments about the next generation of its iPhones - the Apple iPhones continue to be a subject of several rumors and speculations.

5 Rumored Features of the Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

This is normal for iPhones as they happen to the most popular devices , given the reputation of Apple. Several rumors have surfaced regarding the next iPhone but its time until Apple officially announces the iPhone 7.

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We can only paint a a very colorful picture about apple and continue to fantasize about the best possible iPhone out there when it releases. It will be surprising to see an Apple iPhone released in the market that will be very unlike what it was thought out to be.

Lets look at some Apple iPhone 7 features that are likely to be part of the next iOS powered smartphone. Its almost a no brainer that the Apple iPhone 7 will come with a set of features that make it like no other. Lets look the what the Apple iPhones might have in their next avatar :

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Powerful chipset for a powerful phone

Apple A10 chipset

Apple will have a Apple A10 chipset making it speedier than all its previous versions. The iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus sport the A9 chipset. It's hard to get into details, but yes the Apple is likely to partner TSMC for the A10 chipset supplies.

More RAM, more power

3 GB of RAM for the iPhone 7

The iPhone 6 and 6S Plus both came with improvements in the memory department. They came with 2GB of memory, so its should not be surprising if the iPhone 7 will have a 3GB of RAM. But its more likely that Apple continues with a 2GB of RAM instead of increasing the memory in just one go.

Slim and Trim

Ultra Thin Body

Apple is no stranger to innovations. The iPhone 6's was 6.9mm thin. So its possible that Apple might make its phones a bit more thinner.

Shatter proof and Sturdy

Sapphire Glass

We know for a thing that the Apple was always meant for delicate use. So, its likely that the iPhone 7 could be certified to meet US military standards to withstand splashes of water or may be even a accidental dip in water. Motorola is the only phone that claims to have a "Shatterproof display". Apple could up its sleeve with an iPhone that's not just meant for the Alpha Man (or woman). So an iPhone with a sapphire glass display that is also resistant to Ballistic force.

New panel Technology


The new panel technology ensures that the phone does not suffer sensitivity at the edges of the phone.A more intelligent display that understands user touch in a better way.

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